Episode 30 | CEStv Recap: Growing & Giving Back

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As City Electric Supply (CES) continues to reach new heights, we look back at how CES grew within the electrical industry and continues to give back to the community. 


25th Anniversary Branch Events in Hendersonville, NC and Greenville, SC

Celebrating a big milestone in North Carolina, City Electric Supply Hendersonville welcomed 100 people to its 25thanniversary, which featured food, prizes, and raffles. Branch Manager Lane Owen expressed excitement about the turnout and interacting with the customers.

“The feedback from the customers was really positive. It was fun to socialize with everyone,” said Owen.

The Hendersonville team is also enthusiastic about the future of the branch as new fulfillment centers bring new opportunities. 

“The fulfillment centers are a big assist for us,” explained Owen. “About 90% of the time, we can have what the customer needs the next day. We can quickly help contractors stay on schedule, even with last-minute requests.”

Continuing the growth trend for the electrical supplier, City Electric Supply Greenville also recently celebrated 25 years of service in South Carolina. 

“The key to our longtime success was the commitment to customers. Working hard to follow through on what we say we’ll do so the customers can always count on us,” said Branch Manager Rob Brooks.

With over 100 customers, 13 vendors, and two top-level CES executives in attendance, the event marked a memorable milestone for the branch.

“It was a great event. Everything went smoothly, and it was good to see so many customers,” said Brooks.

Find out what the teams at CES Hendersonville and Greenville plan to do for the next 25 years:

What It Takes To Open A City Electric Supply Branch

With more than 600 City Electric Supply branches operating in North America and over 1,000 globally, you may be wondering, “What does it take to open a branch?” You asked, and we answered.

Read about the journeys of the branch, district, and regional managers who opened branches across the U.S.

Find the right location.

“It can take 30 minutes to drive 10 miles in certain parts of the day. CES Weaverville helps northern Asheville contractors so that they don’t have to drive into the busy downtown area,” said District Manager Terry Ford.

Decide whether to build a space or renovate one.

“Finding the building, talking to the realtor, talking to the local government to get all of the building plans drawn up, and actually designing the office helped me take ownership of this branch. Today, CES Winder truly feels like it’s my own business,” said Branch Manager Keith Walker.

Establish the branch team. 

“I believe that if you hire the right people, you’re setting yourself up for success,” said Walker.

Research the local market.

“Understanding who will be coming through those doors helps us make sure we have the right mix of inventory so that customers can come here for anything,” explained Branch Manager Michael Martini of CES Houston Downtown.

And stock up on in-demand products. 

“With the double-booking system in place, customers can order from any location and receive flexible, no-minimum deliveries any time of the day,” said Branch Manager Duane Handshoe.

Plus, take an exciting drone flythrough tour of the CES Indian Land branch in Fort Mill, South Carolina. 

Want to know more about establishing a new branch? Visit here: 


CES Tucson East Grand Opening  

Within the growing community of Tucson, Arizona, a new electrical supplier made its introduction. City Electric Supply Tucson East launched as the 18th CES branch in the state. 

“It’s absolutely incredible what we’ve done with the other 17 branches, and now CES Tucson East is excited to see what we can do to grow the company,” said Branch Manager Cody Belisle.

Working alongside this network of branches, no more than a few minutes away from each other, the newest branch team in Arizona can’t wait to improve on the already-unbeatable customer service. 

“I feel great knowing that we provide service that no one else in the town or state can,” said District Manager James A. Ramirez Jr. “I think our customers will be more than satisfied with how our network helps in their day-to-day business.”

Learn more about the newest CES branch in Arizona here:

Giving Back

In addition to expanding and providing great customer service, City Electric Supply and its employees also prioritize giving back to communities across the United States. 

LA Baby Cooperative

Corporate and National Solutions Project Coordinator Maria Luevano answered the call to serve after seeing a post online seeking volunteers for LA Baby Cooperative. This all-volunteer community helps families in need access to infant supplies like diapers, baby wipes, and food. Maria first heard of the charity through her friend Irene Montantes, also the founder.

Formed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization strives to be a support system for local families who don’t have enough to make ends meet.

“I come from parents of immigrants, so when I saw these moms in lower-income neighborhoods and the needs they had, I knew I wanted to help,” said Luevano.

Initially, Maria volunteered for LA Baby Cooperative every Saturday. But as she became more involved with the organization, her love for the cause deepened. 

“Now I am there on Tuesday nights as well. My friends are becoming involved and joining me, and I love spending my time there,” said Luevano.

Find out how you can support LA Baby Cooperative here:

Firefighter, Family Man, and CES Employee

An operations manager at City Electric Supply, a volunteer firefighter of the Lemon Springs Fire Department, and a father to two sons, Rob Hall does it all. 

“His work ethic is amazing,” said Lemon Springs Fire Chief Gary Ashley Jr. “This job in itself is a definition of courage, integrity, honor, and duty to serve. Rob sums those up in a lot of different ways.” 

Halls’s dedication to his branch team at CES Sanford, his community, and his family, is a testament to the kind of person that he is.

“No matter what, he always puts his family first. He takes care of his family, spends time with them, and then makes time for work and the fire department,” said Ashley.

Check out how Hall balances raising two kids, firefighting, and working for CES here:

DPS Electrical Panels

Since 2017, CES Denver has been working closely with the Denver Public Schools to help supply new retrofitted panels for the schools in the district. So far, DPS has installed over 40 replacement electrical panels. 

“We lean on vendors to bring us certain products or resources. We rely on people like Ted and CES to show us the latest and greatest stuff,” said Electrical Department Manager for DPS Mike Lakos. 

This ongoing project has strengthened the relationship between CES Denver and DPS. The DPS electrical team thanked CES Denver for its reliable customer and on-time delivery service,

“Our team is very appreciative for the solutions and supplies from Ted and CES,” Lakos shared. “Our schools do not experience a power outage for any time at all. It just goes to show that the industry is really listening and changing.”

Learn more about the ongoing electrical panel project here: 

The Future

City Electric Supply will continue to provide great customer service and support to communities across the U.S. And it couldn’t be done without the hard-working employees, who volunteer every day to make a positive impact. 

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