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The “little big town” known as Tucson, Arizona, celebrated a new electrical supplier within the growing community. City Electric Supply (CES) Tucson East shared the exciting news with its grand opening event.

“I’m glad we can meet with the customers, share some new products, enjoy some good food, and help kids as well,” said Branch Manager Cody Belisle. “It makes my team very proud that we’re partnering with Make-A-Wish® and uniting the community to benefit this cause.”

New Electrical Supplier Provides Service and Material Like No Other

It’s no secret that Belisle and the rest of the CES Tucson East team are on a mission to stand out. As the 18th branch in Arizona, Belisle will push his branch to set the new standard.

“It’s absolutely incredible what we’ve done with the other 17 branches, and now CES Tucson East is excited to see what we can do to grow the company,” said Belisle.

Belisle says they’ve prepared by hiring the right people for every position. The branch also features a 10,000-square-foot warehouse and shelves filled with inventory.

Additionally, all the Arizona CES locations support each other to beat expectations.

“The network of branches that we’re building makes sure that no matter where you are in Tucson Metro, you’re only five to 10 minutes from a branch. You can stop in to grab the material you need, or we can make an on-time delivery,” said Belisle.

District Manager James A. Ramirez Jr. also shared how proud he is to have CES Tucson East join the team and expand the already-unbeatable customer service.

“I feel great knowing that we provide service that no one else in the town or state can,” said District Manager James A. Ramirez Jr. “I think our customers will be more than satisfied with how our network helps in their day-to-day business.”

How CES Tucson East is Also Like a Little Big Town

Belisle wants the community to know that CES branches still stick to their roots. That means treating customers like family and giving back.

And CES Tucson East is already proving it. During the grand opening event, the branch raised nearly $200 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation to bring joy to local children.

“We’re still like a mom-and-pop shop, tailoring our services to your needs. We will lay out a 6-month forecast for your business and get all the material you need with on-time deliveries,” said Belisle.

Plus, that service is available anytime.

“Give us a call, send us an email or a text. We are on call for you,” said Belisle.

If you’re in the Tucson area, visit the new CES Tucson East and let them go above and beyond for you!

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