CES Baltimore South Shares its Newly Upgraded Facility

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After 18 years, City Electric Supply (CES) Baltimore South received exciting upgrades to its facility. 

“Giving the branch a renovation provided this branch with a fresh start,” said CES Baltimore South Branch Manager Brian Macrae.

Everything from the showroom to the warehouse got a modern makeover.

“We got new lighting installed in the warehouse, new floors in the showroom, and now we have the extra space to showcase more products,” Brian explained.

The branch’s new look also impressed customers and the rest of the team. Brian is sure that the upgrade will take CES Baltimore South to the next level.

“The customers’ positive reactions to our new renovations and hard-working staff helps us stand out from the competition.”

And the level of service at the Baltimore South branch is sure to benefit from the new upgrades. 

“With the new industrial-sized shelving, we are able to store more stock and inventory so that our customers can continue to get the items that they need, and we can perform at the highest levels.” 

The team is happy to witness the Baltimore South branch still making its mark in the surrounding community.  

“Baltimore South is a real player in the area. Along with experienced staff and an upgraded facility, customers can know that we are here for them when they need us,” Brian added. 

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