CES Winder: An Electrical Supplier Built from the Ground Up

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In a small town between Athens and Atlanta lies CES Winder, a new electrical supplier ready to serve a growing Georgia community. According to its newly appointed Branch Manager Keith Walker, Winder has a lot of potential.

“This town is a fairly small town, but it’s ready to explode,” Walker said.

Surrounded by a booming infrastructure that includes new home developments and industrial manufacturing, CES Winder has all of the elements it takes to become a successful branch.

“There’s another developer in town that is making a big push for residential properties,” Walker added. “There are a lot of homes being built in this area, and even just a mile or two away are a bunch of industrial buildings and industrial manufacturing.”

In Good Hands

With Keith Walker at the helm, this electrical supplier in Winder is sure to be in good hands. Plus, he has several years of experience already supplying the industries that he’ll be working within Winder.

“I’ve been with City Electric Supply for about four and a half years. Before that, I came from industrial sales,” Walker explained.

But it was a leap of faith for Walker that led him to join CES. And, partly, thanks to a chance encounter with a CES representative while at his previous job.

“I remember when a regional manager gave me his business card,” Walker recalled. “He said, ‘You know if you ever want to change your life and never look back, give me a call.’”

With an opportunity like that, Walker couldn’t turn it down. Plus, having the opportunity to create something from scratch and build something that he could mold was very appealing.

“The whole experience of having an idea and having the choice to be able to build it based on what you’ve always wanted for your business was very exciting to me,” Walker said.

Developing Winder’s Electrical Supplier

It took eight months for Walker and City Electric Supply to find the perfect location, attain the right permits, and get the business officially off the ground.

But if you ask Walker, the wait was well worth it.

“The whole experience of finding the building, talking to the realtor, talking to the local government to get all of the building plans drawn up, and actually designing the office helped me take ownership of this branch. Today, it truly feels like it’s my own business,” he said.

There were obstacles, such as the time-consuming task of measuring up to the protocols and requirements of what the town wanted, but that didn’t matter to Walker.

Those high standards that the town of Winder wanted to make sure the branch upheld were the same requirements that Walker required from his team.

“I believe that number one if you hire the right people, you’re setting yourself up for success. That’s the kind of team building that I wanted here,” he said.

And Walker did just that.

With around 70 years of experience in the electrical, industrial, and manufacturing industry ¬— as well as inside sales and customer service — the new team at CES Winder has the strategic knowledge and expertise to provide high-quality service to the surrounding community.

Service by Demand

From what locals are saying in the area, they are already eager to become customers for this Winder electrical supplier.

“They’re very excited that we’re here,” Walker said. “What I’m hearing is that they’re having to go to multiple places to get what we already have in stock. We’re a full-service electrical house here in Winder, and we can’t wait to supply anything and everything our customers will need.”

For current and potential customers, Branch Manager Keith Walker wants to let customers know another important thing.

“You will not find a friendlier place to be, but if you do, let us know,” he laughed.

For Walker, that’s one of the perks of working for City Electric Supply.

“We’re all about family and community, and it’s a place where you get to see people grow,” he said. “If you grow the people in your business, the business will grow itself.”

And as the branch’s business grows, hopefully, that means that the community of Winder will grow with it.

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