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In the close-knit community of Lemon Springs where everyone knows everybody, it doesn’t take long to make a lasting impact. In the case of CES employee Rob Hall, this is especially true. 

Rob’s been an operations manager at the City Electric Supply (CES) branch in Sanford, North Carolina, for six years and a volunteer firefighter for almost 10 years.

Hall began volunteer firefighting at the age of 19 after a devastating tornado destroyed his community and surrounding areas.

“Around 2012, a tornado leveled everything in the area,” described Hall. “It ran through neighborhoods, destroying Sanford, Lemon Springs, and more.”

The Need to Serve

From that point on, Hall has supported his community through firefighting.

“I want to help people who can’t get any help,” explained Hall. “I have two boys, so when we go on calls, I think of them. If no one is there to help, who will? That’s the main thing that goes through my mind, and it’s all the motivation I need to give back, get involved, and try to make a difference.”

“His work ethic is amazing,” added Lemon Springs Fire Chief Gary Ashley, Jr. “This job in itself is a definition of courage, integrity, honor, and duty to serve. Rob sums those up in a lot of different ways.” 

From going into burning buildings in the early morning hours before a shift as a CES employee to installing smoke detectors in local homes for the American Red Cross, Hall is committed to improving his community.

“Rob has been with us for almost 10 years,” Ashley said. “There have been lots of times where he’s been on calls with us at two in the morning, then he gets up to work at City Electric Supply just a few hours later.”

And while Rob is a dedicated volunteer firefighter, he’s also a trusted CES employee. Hall even uses his experience as a firefighter to help him on the job. If a customer has a safety question, Rob is the go-to guy for fire safety.

“I can tell customers what they need to be safe from a fire hazard standpoint, and because of my background, they know I know what I’m talking about,” he laughed. 

 And there are other people who depend on Hall as well, not just his electricians.  

A Family Man & Dedicated Worker

“He’s a family guy,” said Fire Chief Ashley. “He juggles family, full-time work, and a volunteer career. But no matter what, he always puts his family first. He takes care of his family, spends time with them, and then makes time for work and the fire department.”

Between raising his sons, Braydan and Clay, giving back to his community, and helping CES customers, there’s never a dull moment for Hall. But he also has a lot of people around to support him.

“I’ve got lots of family in lots of places — family at the branch, the house, and the fire station. I can call any of them and they’re there. My kids have uncles everywhere,” Hall laughed. 

While the calls Rob receives are always tough, one thing he always appreciates is the brotherhood inside the fire station. 

“From our firefighter competitions to just spending Christmas dinners together as one big family, it feels good knowing that we’re going through everything together,” Hall said. “We know what it’s like to see what we see, and we are always here for each other. It really is a brotherhood.”

“It’s absolutely a brotherhood,” Ashley added. “It’s like a new family. You know they have your back and are there to support you. Not just as a firefighter but also in life.”

From the CES Family, we’re glad to offer Rob all the support he needs, too. While he might not be one to brag about his accomplishments, we’re happy to do it for him. Thank you, Rob, for all of the work you do for your family, your CES branch, and your community. We can’t wait to see how you continue to make a difference each and every day. 

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