CES Savannah Midtown: Crew Sticks Together to Open New Branch

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Have you ever thought about changing careers? What if you could take two of your favorite coworkers with you? Meet the up-and-coming team in Savannah, Georgia, who did just that.

Three hardworking men took a chance with City Electric Supply (CES) and successfully opened their new branch, CES Savannah Midtown. Branch Manager Ronald Roach shared the details of his exciting journey with Operations Manager Miles Erickson and Driver-Warehouse Nicholas Gibbs.

A Great Location Opens to Excited Customers

Roach said their Savannah Midtown branch is a convenient location that received plenty of foot traffic from day one. People walk by from the nearby neighborhoods, stopping in on the way to Oglethorpe Mall.

“People are popping in every day and really excited they won’t have to travel back inland of Chatham County now,” said Roach. “There are no other supply houses like ours on this side of town, and the next closest City branch is about 15 minutes from here.”

And thanks to the amazing customer service of other branches in the area, CES Savannah Midtown already has a positive first impression to build on.

“What I’ve noticed is, as the third branch in Savannah, we already have a footprint in the market. We’re very recognizable to customers. It’s great how each branch helps all the others in terms of visibility,” said Roach.

How the CES Savannah Midtown Team Took on New Careers with CES

Roach explained that he had 12 years of management experience, including seven years as an electrical maintenance manager. But he felt it was time for a change.

“I felt I had gone as far as I could at my last company since I reported directly to the owner. I was ready for another challenge, something new.”

When considering new opportunities, he already knew one company well — City Electric Supply.

“I actually came to know City Electric because I was their customer during those seven years as maintenance manager,” said Roach.

Roach contacted CES, then shared his idea to open a branch with two trusted coworkers. Erickson and Gibbs agreed to make the move too.

Together, the new CES team members chose a former gym to renovate in Savannah. The open square layout allowed for as much customization as they wanted. Over four months, the three and District Manager William Wilkins transformed the space into a great-looking counter space and warehouse.

“We did a lot of the work ourselves: putting up the shelves and walls, some painting, some demolition, and lots of cleaning,” said Roach. “We finished working on it the day before we opened.”

CES Savannah Midtown now looks forward to growing their retail knowledge and being a part of the CES culture.

Wilkins expressed how impressed he is with the branch team’s loyalty and trust in one another. He thinks their character and backgrounds make them a perfect fit for CES.

“We’re glad to have them on board, no doubt. I’m going to take good care of these guys because they are three really big assets joining us,” said Wilkins.

Roach said CES Savannah Midtown plans to remain flexible, listening closely to the neighborhood customers to stock what they need most. If you live in the Savannah area, stop by today to see how they can help you!

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