Wiha Tools: The Features That Electrical Professionals Need Most

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How do Wiha Tools provide the safety, support, and other features that the electrical industry needs most? Check out how their professional-grade tools help get the job done.

Tools Designed With Safety in Mind

There’s simply no such thing as too much protection when it comes to electrical work. Fortunately, Wiha puts safety first, providing the peace of mind needed to focus on the job at hand.

Every Wiha insulated tool is individually tested to 10,000 volts. Jay Lusignan, Wiha Director of Marketing, explained the process in detail.

“Our tools are submerged in water for 24 hours. Then, they are electrified with 10,000 volts AC for three minutes. Neither a spark over nor a disruptive discharge through the insulation may occur,” said Lusignan.

If and when they pass the test, the tools are approved for up to 1,000 volts AC or 1,500 volts DC. Wiha’s reliable shock prevention also meets safety standards ASTM F1505, EN/IEC 60900, NFPA-70E, CSA, and VDE.

Lusignan added that VDE goes above and beyond the others, meeting safety guidelines worldwide. VDE-certified tools protect against mechanical, thermal, radiological, and other dangers too.

But Wiha doesn’t stop there. Electro-static discharge (ESD) handles and casings on tools protect static-sensitive areas and products — and the technicians working around them. ESD-safe tools prevent sparks and, more importantly, fires.

These insulated tools even help guard against dangerous arc flashes, meeting OSHA, NFPA, and IEEE regulations.

Special Features That Make the Job Easier

Want to spend less time tearing out infrastructure to reach screws and other hardware? Want to spend less time patching up after the job too? SlimLine® tools fit where others can’t, saving time and hassle.

City Electric Supply Field Sales Support Specialist Daniel Conroy shared the line’s overall benefit. “The 33% narrower blade and shaft allow you to get to those hard-to-reach areas without compromising the insulation that’s there to protect you from an electrical accident.”

Plus, SlimLine tools even have protective insulation molded directly into the bit of the tool blade.

Each design features high wear resistance and a long lifetime of use thanks to the chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel. And the hard chrome non-slip surface even helps with worn-down screws and other hard-to-grip materials.

Another appreciated feature for pliers and cutters specifically is DynamicJoint®. The unique design requires 40% less effort than traditional designs and provides longer tool life.

A Cushioned Grip That Makes Work Almost Effortless

Hand cramps are less dangerous than an electrical shock, but they’re still painful, inconvenient, and slow down the job.

Wiha’s SoftFinish® cushion grip provides a comfortable grip that better fits the natural hand shape. The result is maximum torque with less effort.

Additionally, SoftFinish is oil and solvent-resistant, making the grip easy to clean and keep in great shape.

Get It Done with Wiha

Wiha’s must-have features make any electrical job go more smoothly. Contact your local City Electric Supply to try out Wiha Tools and see the difference!

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