CES Weaverville: New Electrical Supplier Supports the Growing Asheville Community

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City Electric Supply Weaverville is the newest electrical supplier near Asheville, North Carolina. Long admired for its natural beauty, the area includes endless hiking trails, stunning waterfalls, and scenic overlooks. Equally impressive, Asheville continues growing without losing its unique personality, sense of history, and inviting atmosphere.

Branch Manager Travis Moree of the new City Electric Supply Weaverville described Asheville as somewhere between a small town and a small city. “It’s a good country-style community. Everybody knows everybody, and they lean on each other a lot,” Travis said.

Electrical Supplier Saves Customers Time and Travel

Travis plans to serve the community as it expands north. “We do our homework to put branches in key locations. Weaverville is part of a larger area in need, including Marshall, Burnsville, and Mars Hill customers,” said Travis.

District Manager Terry Ford followed, “It can take 30 minutes to drive 10 miles in certain parts of the day. We wanted to help northern contractors so that they don’t have to drive into the busy downtown Asheville area.”

In return, Travis knows he can count on the community to help his branch succeed. “When a contractor has a good experience, they’re going to pass that on to others pretty quickly. Then, word of our branch will spread like wildfire,” said Travis.

A Fresh Start with Room to Grow

CES Weaverville opened on November 1, and Travis reported that the branch grows steadily busier every day. Travis meets the demand through his 17 years of experience at CES Biltmore, along with the help of the new Weaverville team.

“I have two young hardworking guys and will hire another team member next week. I wanted a fresh start with a new team at this branch. We can grow together as I show them how I handle the business and treat my customers,” said Travis.

Travis himself came from the building industry “completely green,” starting in the warehouse. Management promoted him to operations manager in just one year. He later worked in outside sales before becoming a branch manager.

“It’s a great company, and I’ve always been driven to run my own branch. I’m very thankful to Terry as well as Thomas Hartland-Mackie for this opportunity. I want to continue to grow and keep pushing forward,” said Travis.

Travis’ forward-thinking attitude and strategies are likely to pay off. By catering to local smaller businesses such as hardware stores, he believes they could act as possible extensions of his branch, meeting more customers where they live and work.

“As a part of the community, we want to cater to anyone’s needs. It’s exciting to meet new people and build relationships with them,” said Travis.

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