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TAMCO is now offering a curated tour to CES branches and its customers! You’ll get to visit the 411,000-square-foot facility in person, learn about our six in-house brands, see the manufacturing process, speak with product development managers, and a whole lot more.

“Relationships drive the business,” said Anthony Moorhead, the Sales Director of TAMCO Group. “When you tour TAMCO, you experience the culture that connects TAMCO to CES and makes us so unique in the electrical industry.”

On a TAMCO tour, you’ll receive a targeted experience where you learn what you came to learn. From watching demos about specific products to learning about TAMCO’s entire lineup of innovative solutions, it’s up to you.

“It’s a great experience to visit TAMCO and see how everything is manufactured,” said CES Land O’ Lakes District Manager Dan Pippin. “The quality, the time, the experience people have here — it’s a great learning experience for anyone, whether you’re a CES associate or a contractor.”

For CES Dade City Branch Manager Brandon Hershey, the tour was an eye-opening experience. He got an inside look into TAMCO’s in-house manufacturing operations.

“First, you see the craftsmanship,” Hershey said. “Then you see all the hard work. You see where everything is assembled, and you see how it’s all made here under one roof. It’s good for everyone to see all the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on. You don’t see that part when you’re on the other side ordering it.”

And even for the customers who already like using TAMCO products, they have a lot to gain from taking a tour, too.

“The benefit for customers taking this tour is they get to see the facility and the people behind TACMO,” said TAMCO Sales Director Anthony Moorhead. “It builds confidence and trust in both the products and the team that stands behind them.”

And that confidence goes both ways. For Wade Wilson, the branch manager at CES Crystal River, he can’t wait to recommend more TAMCO products to customers with his new knowledge.

“This tour is a confidence builder in me,” he explained. “I can go to customers and tell them about our new capabilities and about our new products that we’ll be coming out with in the future. I can even bring customers down here and let them see firsthand our capabilities and how large a company we really are and how much power we have to supply them.”

There’s a TAMCO Tour Experience for Everyone

Underneath it all, the real benefit for everyone just comes down to a greater understanding of how TAMCO provides solutions for both branches and customers.

Not only will you get to learn about the products TAMCO manufactures, but you can also speak directly with the people who actually develop the products.

“A big initiative behind bringing people down for the tour is to let teams walk away with a greater understanding of what we do here and the capabilities that are offered to them,” Moorhead said. “This building is not just for TAMCO; it’s a CES building. This is where you can bring customers, where you can give product feedback. This is where you can help us create the products you want to use over the next few years.”

Jordan McGinn, the Co-VP of TAMCO, can’t wait to receive even more customer feedback to help shape the company’s future.

“A lot of the developments in products and a lot of the things we brought out over the years, even evolutions of our processes, have come directly off of customer feedback,” he said. “It’s a benefit for us to have them here and tell us firsthand their experience with TAMCO.”

But the real value behind a TAMCO tour is just seeing it with your own eyes.

“Seeing is believing,” McGinn admitted. “When they see products being manufactured, see something come from a raw coil of steel being stamped on a press… when they see the scale of the warehouse and all the things that are happening within it, they start to understand how we integrate better with their business. That’s a huge takeaway for our customers.”

Newer, Bigger, Better

In McGinn’s words, the sheer size of the company really comes into focus once you do finally see it.

“This company is made up of a vast network of branches across the entire United States that support one another,” McGinn explained. “But behind that is also TAMCO, which has massive distribution sites that support the branches in return. Seeing this facility really opens your mind to how much support is actually available within our own company.”

“We’re sealing that bond between CES and TAMCO,” added Frank McShane, the Co-VP of TAMCO. “What’s interesting is that over the years, not only has the business evolved from a single factory into this 411,000-square-foot building today, but our products have evolved, the ability of our staff has evolved, and our quality control has evolved, too.”

And even though TAMCO has already evolved a few times throughout its history, it’ll continue to evolve into the future.

“There is so much more going on and so much more coming down the pipeline,” McShane explained. “When you do visit the factory once, twice, three times, it’s constantly evolving. You can come in 18 months after your last visit and the changes that have gone on will be visible for all to see.”

From the first tours in the late 1990s and early 2000s to a tour today, there is a fundamental difference in how TAMCO shows its support for both City Electric Supply and its customers. But, no matter what changes, one thing has stayed consistent. The impressive support TAMCO provided in its early history is still being provided today.

“Before, we wanted people to see the investment we’re making as a company for the future. Today, it’s more about what we’re doing to support you,” McShane said. “The two fundamental elements of what’s changed over the years are those elements of support and alternative choice.”

Now, not only do you have the choice to use TAMCO’s full lineup of electrical solutions, but you also have the choice to take a tour today and see it all for yourself.

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