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Watch CES Corpus Christi hold an amazing counter day that brought in local contractors and raised money for Make-A-Wish.

When CES Corpus Christi’s Branch Manager Hunter Sterchi put together a Counter Day and Make-A-Wish® event, he never thought he’d raise $2,000 in a single day — but he did. 

“Everyone must’ve felt really giving. Between me and my team, we were able to twist a few more arms,” Sterchi laughed. “Customers didn’t want to hear that they were out-donated by someone else. In fact, more than a few people kept going back up to donate even more!”

That good-spirited competition meant great things for Make-A-Wish, as CES Cares Social Impact Manager Karen Gray was all too happy to see. 

“CES Corpus Christi really pushed our partnership with Make-A-Wish at the event and their support made their impact in their community that much greater,” she said.

And that impact made a great impression on the customers and vendors in Corpus Christi. 

Not only was this the first counter day for the branch since the pandemic, but this was also the first event for Hunter as branch manager.

Coming Together

“It was definitely a good moment,” Hunter said. “This was one of the first times as a branch that we involved a charity and made an event that was bigger than ourselves.”

On top of the $2,000 donated to Make-A-Wish, CES Corpus Christi was able to give back to its customers. 

Vendors pitched in to help cover the event. They also donated prizes like an F4P Bluetooth Job Site Speaker, a CES Bucket O’ Tools, a YETI Hopper BackFlip 24, and more!

“The event would not have been as good as it was without our vendors,” Hunter said. “We were able to get new tools and products in front of customers, and we were able to give away prizes that would’ve been impossible for us to do by ourselves.”

When Sterchi and his team weren’t motivating customers to donate to Make-A-Wish, they were enjoying food by Fixin’ Hangry, a brand-new food truck service owned by David Adams who worked as a contractor and is a regular friend of the branch.

“It was really great to have David debut Fixin’ Hangry at the branch,” Hunter said. “Just to give him that opportunity was good.”

And better yet, David Adams had some extra food left over, which didn’t go to waste, either.   

“David was able to take those plates and feed them to the homeless the following Sundays after the event,” he said. “After handing out about 120 plates at the counter day, he had 80 plates left over and managed to stretch that out to another 120 plates. That was a huge thing, and it feels good knowing that the extra food went to another good cause.”

CES Corpus Christi Recognizes Contributors

Thanks to employees, vendors, and Fixin’ Hangry, the event was a huge success for the branch. 

It was the participation of the customers, both through making donations and just being there. That was the highlight of the event for Hunter. 

“You come to our counter and there’s always laughs and people just hanging out. That’s the kind of atmosphere we always have there,” Hunter shared. “Our customers look at us like a second family. I’m glad we could share some good times together at the counter day.” 

Plus, Hunter offered an extra special thanks to the CES Marketing team and CES Cares for helping to bring this event together!

“Everybody who got involved to help us put it all together was a huge help. It took a crazy load off the branch,” Hunter said. “So many people stepped up to the plate to help make this event successful without even batting an eye.”

In essence, the feel-good moment for Hunter was knowing that he had a hand in positively impacting his community and the kids at Make-A-Wish. 

“It’s a big deal to be able to give back,” Hunter explained. “When you’re able to, you need to take advantage of it. I’m just really proud of our customers for giving back the way that they did.” 

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