Continued Expansion in Puerto Rico

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In 2021, City Electric Supply (CES) broke ground with its first location on the island of Puerto Rico. While it has only been three years since its arrival, the electrical wholesaler has expanded quickly on the island, with plans for more branches to come!

Setting the stage

Before opening its doors in Puerto Rico, CES Cataño made headlines by securing a monumental project to illuminate the Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot arena. Following the devastation of Hurricane Maria, this project symbolized not only the return of light but also the resilience and hope of the local community.

“I have a lot of pride in that project. Every time I visit the Coliseo for a concert or event, I’m amazed by the beautiful colors in the lights. When you fly into Puerto Rico at night, you can see them from the airplane,” said CES Cataño Branch Manager Beatriz Cintron. 

Taking on the restoration of the island’s largest indoor arena was a great opportunity for the first CES branch in Puerto Rico.

“I began working on the lighting restoration and collaborated with District Manager Jeffrey Delgado on other projects before we officially opened our doors to customers,” added Cintron. “It was a great opportunity to showcase City Electric Supply as a leading lighting distributor.”

Creating a buzz

Before its official debut, CES Cataño became a point of interest for curious locals. Eager to witness the new venture, their visits to the branch created buzz and excitement that would soon translate into loyal patronage. 

“We came to this market to show the people of Puerto Rico the services that we can provide,” said CES Puerto Rico District Manager Jeffrey Delgado. “And we continue to do so through the new branches we’ve opened on the island.” 

Dedication to customer service and community engagement set the foundation for excellence that would become synonymous with the company’s reputation on the island. 

“What sets us apart is the service and options we give to the community. We have access to six in-house brands through TAMCO Group and a line card of industry leaders, over 600 branches, and several fulfillment centers strategically placed across the U.S. CES can make it happen, no matter what. Our people and our services have been key factors to our growth here in Puerto Rico,” said Cintron.

Innovation, growth, and teamwork

The company’s reputation has grown on the island, and so has its reach. This success is based on the people. City Electric Supply provides unmatched customer service with team members who will go above and beyond to help them get what they need, when they need it. 

“Having TAMCO Group, our in-house lighting and electrical manufacturer in Port St. Lucie, Florida, we’re able to have access to a material that can be exported to us in Puerto Rico,” Delgado said. “We can also get other products from our fulfillment center in Florida to receive the pallets, make sure they’re in good condition, load the trailer, and make local deliveries.” 

CES continues to expand on the island, adding CES Arecibo and CES Caguas to its network, with two more branches — CES Carolina and CES Ponce — on the horizon. The commitment to serving the Puerto Rico community remains strong as City Electric Supply continues its strategic and localized growth.

“First, we find the right people; then we find the right location, and we add on from there. We are building a network here on the island that offers personalized service and shows our strength as a company,” added Cintron.

Impact and resilience

Today, CES stands as a beacon of success in Puerto Rico. Its story is not just one of growth and expansion, but also community impact and resilience. It serves as a reminder that a commitment to excellence, small strides can quickly lead to big victories.

“People love the service we provide. We are going to do whatever it takes to get what is needed and make their jobs easier,” Delgado added. “And our team members and management teams have helped make that goal possible.” 

Indeed, the “whatever it takes” attitude has continued to propel the CES Puerto Rico team to greater heights, and they’re just getting started.

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