City Electric Supply Teams up with PataBid Quantify

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The future of electrical estimating is here!

City Electric Supply (CES) and PataBid have teamed up to introduce PataBid Quantify, the electrical estimating software made with contractors in mind.

“We see PataBid as a good fit because they are very service-focused and really seem to understand what contractors need,” said Co-CEO of CES, Andrew Dawes.

Founded in 2018, PataBid Quantify is an electrical estimating software that utilizes AI to help automate and streamline the project estimating, bidding, and ordering processes for contractors to eliminate late nights, costly errors, and inventory guessing. 

“The end goal is to help contractors send lighting packages to suppliers in as little time as possible. So much is on the contractor these days, and the rapid rate at which lighting technology changes can pose challenges on top of getting the actual product they need on time,” said co-founder, President, and CTO of PataBid Melvin Newman.

Fast takeoff 

PataBid Quantify will especially benefit contractors on commercial projects with calculating lighting counts for model layouts. Thanks to the built-in AI and cloud-based capabilities, when contractors receive lighting sketches with multiple styles of fixtures listed, they can simply select the area they need data for and PataBid will build a preliminary list of assemblies for those lights.

“You’re basically able to get a request quote for your supplier within an hour or two,” said Newman. 

“PataBid Quantify quickly gives contractors the information they need for a job, from quote to supply; they can then use that time saved to focus on other parts of their business,” said Dawes.

Reduce risks

Contractors not only need to quickly identify needed materials, but they must also accurately calculate the cost of the amount of material needed for installation.

“The contractor must get all the counts correct and the pricing locked in. Getting that information is key, and that’s the advantage of using our platform,” added Newman. 

A partnership with City Electric Supply gives contractors the information they can trust about the materials they need, producing predictable and profitable bids.

Integrated supply

PataBid Quantify is the only electrical estimating software to have full integration with an electrical supply house. This allows contractors to see real-time pricing and availability of materials and order them from the same platform they built the bid in.

With a “Buy Now” button, contractors can purchase materials from any CES branch in North America directly from Quantify.

Plus, PataBid Quantify electrical estimating software now has a free trial available for contractors to try out.

Use PataBid for your next project

PataBid Quantify, which currently has over 50,000 items within the platform, will also serve as a centralized database that helps contractors view new products. 

With the many software systems available in the electrical industry already, what makes PataBid Quantify different is that contractors can not only automate takeoffs, but they can now estimate projects, access their CES Trade Account pricing, and order materials, all in one place.

PataBid Quantify is all about making the contractor’s job easier.

Email or call 1-877-472-8224 to schedule a demo today!

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