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The new CES Puerto Rico branch has already made a name for itself in the community. Before the branch even opened, they provided supplies to repair the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. And when they officially opened, they threw a big party for anyone in the community who wanted to learn more about this new electrical supplier in Puerto Rico.

“It was a hit,” said CES Puerto Rico Branch Manager Beatriz Cintron. “Even while we were still setting up, people were stopping by asking about tools. People would see us, stop what they were doing, park their cars, and come inside the store.”

The mix of old and new customers who showed up heard about new products from vendors like Milwaukee Tools and learned about what the branch had to offer from excited team members Jose “Pepe” Rodriguez, Samuel Rodriguez, Axel Torres, and Tomas Negrón.

It was a learning experience, but above all, it was a grand opening celebration. They had an abundance of gifts, food, and surprise entertainment from the musical group Plena Libre.

As exciting as the event was, though, it pales in comparison to the future Cintron expects for the branch.

“I feel amazing. There are so many opportunities every day,” said Cintron excitedly. “We’ve quoted solar, conduit, everything, and I have a great team ready to help. The grand opening was just the cherry on top.”

We cannot wait to watch this exciting new electrical supplier grow in Puerto Rico. With the presence they’ve already fostered, a team that’s passionate about the industry, and customers that stop what they’re doing to visit, we know there’s an incredible future ahead for CES Puerto Rico.

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