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As more homes and businesses look for solutions to save money and reduce their carbon footprint, automated energy management grows as a selling point for electricians and contractors.

Fortunately, Intermatic has tons of innovative products to meet customers’ needs.

“Our primary focus is delivering energy-saving products,” said Intermatic National Accounts Manager Brian Turk. “We have been in business for 130 years and strive to offer energy-saving and user-friendly product solutions that reduce installation time.”

But how does Intermatic provide these cost-effective yet easy-to-install energy management solutions?

“We own and operate a UL-certified laboratory to consistently enhance our energy-conserving products. We put our products through rigorous testing to ensure long-lasting products,” said Turk.

And Ted Lunn, Sales Representative for City Electric Supply Denver, praised how Intermatic’s products constantly improve.

“Intermatic’s lighting controls have become more sophisticated and work well with other energy management solutions,” said Lunn.

Learn about some of the great products Intermatic provides to help residential, commercial, and industrial customers become more energy efficient.

Electronic Timers

Electronic timers feature set-it-and-forget-it automatic controls that are perfect for routine lighting. Examples include office buildings, retail stores, schools, and streetlamps.

These in-wall timers don’t require programming or a neutral connection to install, and they run silently. Most have simple one or two-button selection options to set a schedule or countdown interval. And some even feature astronomic settings — just set up the current time, date, and location for automated dusk-to-dawn lighting.

Many timers are also easily programmed to accommodate a more complex daily or weekly lighting schedule. In addition, Intermatic provides low to heavy-duty electrical load management. Installers can offer a great-priced option for any customer’s needs.

“They have very good stock for time clocks and motion sensors,” said Lunn. “You can even program their time clocks to dim the lights at certain times, which is a big energy saver in places like parking lots.”

Mechanical Timers

Mechanical timers can manage lights, fans, motors, pumps, heaters, and more. These long-lasting, dependable switches make it easy to program a set 24-hour schedule, allowing multiple on/off cycles each day. These timers also allow manual overrides in the event of an emergency.

Offer even better energy efficiency for customers with Intermatic in-wall mechanical timers. This variety replaces standard wall switches and doesn’t require electricity to operate. Installers can choose wall plates that blend with standard residential or commercial wall switches, so nothing looks out of place.

Intermatic offers mechanical timer options for both indoors and outdoors. Since the devices can handle heavy-duty commercial and industrial equipment, electricians can help customers prevent costly energy-consuming loads from running longer than intended.

Surge Protectors

Intermatic offers surge protective devices specially designed for HVAC systems. There are also options to protect farm equipment, traffic signaling devices, motors, and other high-investment outdoor applications.

Since a power surge can quickly and permanently damage expensive electronics, Intermatic takes its surge protective devices further. Where standard systems may fail to direct electrical surges to the ground circuit, Intermatic TPMOV technology provides a fail-safe system.

Intermatic surge protectors are also easily installed, feature rainproof and UV-resistant housing, and display LED status indicators that are simple to monitor.


Handle indoor and outdoor lighting automatically with Intermatic’s passive infrared (PIR) and photocontrol sensors.

PIR can sense when someone is in a room for convenient indoor use in living spaces, conference rooms, and more. Plus, a self-adjusting feature detects occupancy frequency to optimize the light-off delay. Never worry about fumbling for light switches again!

Intermatic photocontrols sense the amount of surrounding light to provide automatic outdoor lighting. Set up a simple lighting solution for dusk to dawn or anytime natural lighting drops below a certain level. Photosensors generally have a built-in delay to prevent brief changes in light, like a passing car’s headlights, from activating a system.

Sensors come in compact designs that include stem-and-swivel, button, in-wall, and stem mount. Plus, they are easy to install and designed for a long life of use.

Want to know more about energy management solutions your customers will love? Contact your local City Electric Supply to learn how Intermatic can help!

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