Episode 31 | CES St. Augustine 25th Anniversary

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City Electric Supply (CES) St. Augustine in northeast Florida recently celebrated 25 years in business. Employees and customers, some of which have been there since the beginning, shared their excitement during this milestone event.

Branch Manager Dan Dilley said, “It feels fantastic to be celebrating 25 years here at St. Augustine. It’s a great accomplishment to have the store open this long.”

Regional Manager Pascal Vannienwenhove, who has been with the company for 25 years, offered some little-known branch history.

“It’s my pleasure to say I was a part of this location’s opening,” said Vannienwenhove. “This is the original site we opened 25 years ago. Where many other stores have been moved or relocated, this one is the original site.”

Even the branch’s very first customer, Murawski Inc., came to congratulate them.

“I feel fortunate for City Electric Supply to have been open for 25 years,” said Brandon Murawski, Vice President of Murawski, Inc. “We’ve been with them from the beginning, and we’ve all kind of blossomed and grown together over the years.”

CES St. Augustine Gives Back to Community Through Make-A-Wish®

The St. Augustine branch gladly took this opportunity to give back to the community that helped it become so successful.

“Today, we are donating to the Make-A-Wish charity, a phenomenal organization, and we’re glad to be a part of it,” said Dilley.

Jim Lawson, Vice President of Operations, shared more about the company’s enthusiasm for Make-A-Wish overall.

“CES is very passionate about Make-A-Wish,” said Lawson. “Every week, I see emails coming in about what people have done for their community.”

St. Augustine Branch’s 25 Years Attributed to Great Customer Service

Murawski shared what makes CES St. Augustine stand out to him after all these years.

“If there is anybody that can find you a piece of material in a pinch or last minute, it’s these guys. They always save the day for me. I don’t know what I would do without them, honestly,” said Murawski.

But just as important to him is how they make him feel like a part of the family.

“My favorite memories are the daily visits. They’re all great-spirited people, and it’s been fun working with them,” said Murawski.

And Dilley agrees on both accounts. Despite the nationwide challenges due to COVID-19, the branch still managed to meet and beat customers’ expectations.

“Having so many branches, even if we can’t get material from our vendors, we can get what we need from our other locations.”

He followed, “I’m proud of all the guys working for me. All of them try really hard and hustle.”

Congratulations to CES St. Augustine on 25 years as it continues building great memories and relationships with the community.

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