CES West Columbia: Electrical Supplier Celebrates 25th Anniversary

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The 25th-anniversary event for City Electric Supply West Columbia came together better than expected for this experienced electrical supplier in South Carolina. Even the hot weather streak finally broke to the relief of everyone involved.

Branch Manager Frank Maples thanked Field Marketing Specialist Zachary Gersh and the rest of the CES field marketing team. “It was great to have the planning and organizing assistance from start to finish. Everything was implemented very smoothly and professionally.”

CES Co-COO John Gray joins VP of Operations Jim Lawson and the CES West Columbia branch team.

Fired Up for Food and Prizes at this South Carolina Electrical Supplier

Customers enjoyed a beautiful day outside and a friendly atmosphere inside. As a popular electrical supplier in South Carolina, CES West Columbia welcomed and serviced a steady flow of visitors that afternoon, from new to well-known faces.

The event featured booths from trusted CES vendors as well as delicious meals from local Shealy’s Bar-B-Que. Branch Manager Frank Maples recommends the pulled pork and pulley bone fried chicken.

The branch also raffled many prizes, most notably the grand prize tailgate bundle. This bundle, suggested by District Manager Bruce Martin, included a Recteq RT-340 Wood Pellet Grill and a 20-quart Recteq Icer Cooler. Proceeds of the raffle benefitted Make-A-Wish.

“Every time they fire up that grill, they’re going to think about City Electric Supply,” Frank said with satisfaction.

Employee Appreciation

Frank also spoke about how much he and his team felt supported by CES that day. He says it gives everyone on his team a sense of security and longevity with the company.

“To see the appreciation shown to our employees during the event, it’s nice to know you’re not just a number. It’s nice to feel part of a bigger picture. I love that we can show how much we really do value customers and employees as we did at this 25th-anniversary event,” Frank said.

He also loves the freedom CES West Columbia has in finding the solutions to service customers.

“I just want to continue to grow our relationship with our customer base. The branch has always been successful, but as branch manager, I can make sure we continue to do even greater things. It makes the effort the team puts in worth it,” Frank shared.

Experience: The Difference

Frank heads the branch in his seventh year, with 15 years total at CES West Columbia. His equally dedicated team includes several more CES veterans on his team. Sales Rep Chris Mann has 17 years of service alongside Operations Manager Roger White with 10 years of service.

Family runs deep at CES, and brothers Isaac and Houston Hollis also have a combined 10 years of experience at CES. Frank’s son Dylan now works part-time in the warehouse, too.

“Customer service is first priority here. It doesn’t matter what your position is. Whatever we can contribute — whether contacting a customer, finding or delivering material, or filling an order — it’s a team effort,” Frank explained.

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