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In 1983, City Electric Supply (CES) opened its first US branch in Florida. Almost 40 years later, CES opened its 112th branch in the same state. Of course, the new branch team at CES Marathon wanted to celebrate.

CES Marathon Celebrates

On June 3, they had product demos, promotions, raffle prizes, delicious food catered by Smoked BBQ, and approximately 125 attendees. City Electric Supply CEO Thomas Hartland-Mackie even flew in for the grand occasion.

“We’re very excited to be opening another branch here in Florida,” said Hartland-Mackie. “This is where the company started back in 1983. Florida captured the heart of my grandparents. They originally came here to spend their winters… and my grandfather, being the man he was, couldn’t be away from work very long, so he pretty quickly went into business in South Florida.”

And Hartland-Mackie wasn’t the only one excited to attend. Marathon Mayor Luis Gonzalez made an appearance along with Vice Mayor Mark Senmartin.

“The whole community in Marathon made us feel like a family. Mayor Gonzalez and Vice Mayor Senmartin were so supportive,” said CES District Manager Steve Glenn. “Also, having Thomas come was a huge surprise for us. It was a pleasure seeing him so involved with our branch and guests. He actually used to work in a Florida branch! The event was perfect.”

CES Co-COO John Gray and CES Regional Manager Mike Bertone also enjoyed celebrating the new store.

“We’ve already accomplished a lot with our first location here in the Keys and are looking forward to expanding our network further,” said Gray.

“I have been coming down to the Marathon area for years with my family for vacation. I’ve always wanted to open a CES branch here as we are a family business that fits perfectly into this family community,” added Bertone.

Community Joins In

Although the event was mostly a celebration, to CES Marathon Branch Manager Jaime Naranjo, it was also an announcement to the community.

“We have a chance to help every community here, from Marathon to Key West to Key Largo. That’s probably what I’m looking forward to the most,” said Naranjo.

Along with the community, CES also supported its new partner, Make-A-Wish®, at the event. The Marathon Grand Opening event was the fourth CES event of its kind, and they raised over $2,000 for the organization!

“Each person gives a little bit and you don’t think much of it,” said Glenn. “But then you look at the number at the end and realize it really is something, it all adds up. It’s really a testament to the generosity of our customers, and it’s exciting to see.”

“I was very excited when I walked up to the parking lot to see the Make-A-Wish tent,” added Marathon Mayor Luis Gonzalez. “It’s a win-win… such an amazing partnership.”

The money went to Make-A-Wish and helped wish kid Victor’s dream of wanting a boat come true. His wish was the perfect wish to grant for this seaside branch.

“We’ve done charity events in the past to take underprivileged kids fishing, but those have been more supported by the CES community. Helping Victor was an effort supported by the community, and that’s really special,” said Glenn.

Just the Beginning

And according to Glenn, you could see how special it was to Naranjo.

“The branch manager started as a driver,” said Glenn. “You could see it on his face that he was so proud and grateful to watch the event unfold.”

“Starting as a driver, I did not expect to be in the branch manager position today,” Naranjo added. “I take great pride in this company as it has changed my life and given me opportunities to grow and start a career.”

And when the event finished, the team went back to work as normal.

“The event was special, but every day is a big day for the CES Marathon team,” said Glenn. “They’re always prepped and always ready for the next challenge.”

We are so excited to hear that. Congratulations, CES Marathon, on your successful event! We know it’s just the beginning.

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