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City Electric Supply (CES) previously introduced Ben Wright, an outside sales representative and expert woodturner in Marion, North Carolina. In partnership with CES Cares, the social impact division at CES, he has raised over $540 for the national Make-A-Wish challenge.

His contributions wouldn’t have been possible without the CES customers.

Michael Reel of Reel Electrical

Michael Reel and Jeff Hutchins started Reel Electrical in 2019. 

A few decades back, Reel worked with Wright’s father. Today, he enjoys working with his former colleague’s son at CES.

“I can text Ben at any time, and he responds even after hours,” Reel said.

In turn, Reel Electrical has supported CES Cares. 

“When the Make-A-Wish challenge started, Reel bought three of the four hummingbird houses I had at the counter,” Wright explained. The woodturner then went home and engraved six bottle openers with the Reel Electrical logo.

Today, Reel and Hutchins offer these trinkets as gifts to their customers—for birthdays and just to say thank you. They give back to the Marion community as much as they can. 

David and Stephanie Whitson of Whitson Electric Company

David and Stephanie Whitson co-own three companies in the commercial fire alarm, home security, and HVAC spaces. Whitson Electric Company has been in business since 1983, while Appalachian Protective Services opened its doors in 1988. Superior Installation started in 2001.

The Whitsons have been customers of CES for years now. 

“We call in the morning, and CES will get it delivered,” Stephanie explained. “If we need it, they get it to us.”

Like Reel Electrical, Whitson Electric Company has helped CES Cares contribute to Make-A-Wish. 

“The Whitsons told me they want six hummingbird houses, so I have to get to work!” said Wright with a laugh.

David and Stephanie also enjoy the 20 bottle openers Wright made for them. They truly value the work he and CES Cares are doing.

“It’s pretty awesome that Ben takes the time and uses his resources to donate to Make-A-Wish to help someone else,” said Stephanie. 

Corey Bartlett of Rotunda Electric

Rotunda Electric opened its doors in the early 2000s—offering full-service commercial and residential electrical work to clients in the Carolinas. 

Service Department Manager Corey Bartlett was hired to oversee the Asheville region. Wright was one of the first people he met at CES, and their professional relationship quickly evolved into a friendship. 

The Bartletts were recently remodeling a farmhouse. They had to clear a large maple tree, and Wright offered to drive out and help. 

“We spent three or four days getting the tree cut up and hauled out,” said Bartlett. “Ben made me some gifts to take as well.”

Wright created a plate from the maple tree, which Bartlett gave to his father. He also built a series of spinning tops. 

Naturally, the items were well-received. And Rotunda Electric is proud of the impact CES Marion is making.

“The guys at CES are awesome,” said Bartlett. “Make-A-Wish is a really good organization. It’s cool that they are stepping up and sacrificing their time and efforts for this.”

Parting Words from Ben Wright

Wright didn’t start woodturning until 2019—yet today, he’s making a real impact.

Now, CES customers will approach him. If a tree falls during a storm, they might say, “I know it’s nice wood, and I thought of you.”

Wright is appreciative of the recognition and all the more grateful that he can contribute to Make-A-Wish. Yet he stays humble at every turn. 

“I don’t think about it too often,” he admitted. “I just want to make sure we get to our goal and raise as much money as we can.”

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