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Brian Warth joined City Electric Supply (CES) later in life as a driver 10 years ago in Simpsonville, South Carolina—taking a chance on a career change. Since then, his hard work has paid off. 

Joining the CES Family

In 2013, Warth was working from home and feeling underwhelmed. A self-proclaimed introvert, he wanted to feel like part of a team.

“Eventually, a person has to do something new,” he said.

So Warth began his job search. An unlikely conversation with a pastor introduced him to the Simpsonville branch at CES. Warth spent a year there as a driver, becoming a well-known team member at the store.

Then, when an inside sales position at CES Greenville became available, District Manager Don Corbett immediately thought of Warth for the job.

“That was a step up,” Warth said of the opportunity to work in counter sales. “I got to work with customers, talk on the phone, and learn more about the material.”

From there, a sales representative introduced Warth to the art of project quoting. The valued team member pivoted once again to an inside sales support role—the catalyst for his current position.

Moving Up to Projects Gear Specialist

Warth loves working in the CES Projects Office. He spends his days reviewing drawings and quoting customers on their gear and lighting needs. Ultimately, he and his team look at blueprints, review electrical panels, and evaluate all the pieces that go into a project.

Working collaboratively across nine CES branches, the work is meaningful and versatile. Warth enjoys seeing the different types of drawings that come through. 

“You learn something new every day,” Warth explained. “I’m not one to do just the bare minimum. I want to make sure things are done correctly.”

That tracks since Warth always triple-checks his work. He makes a point of building bridges with customers and colleagues, and it shows.

Lessons Learned

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain issues and raw material shortages have been prevalent. While challenging, this has taught Warth a key lesson: patience.

“I’ve learned to be more understanding,” he said. “And I’ve become more aware of the challenges our manufacturers face alongside us.”

Giving grace to others has been essential for Warth, who still helps CES customers get what they need in a hurry. He also enjoys being part of a close-knit team. 

“We can talk and build real friendships,” he said of his department. “I’ve learned a lot about electrical material, but the camaraderie is what carries me through.”

Camaraderie is crucial outside the office too. The Project Gear Specialist loves spending time with his 12- and eight-year-old daughters, and he makes time for his own hobbies as well. Warth has played the electric guitar for the past 30 years. To this day, he plays live with his band and for his church.

Advice for Employees Looking to Grow

At CES, there’s ample room for growth.

“There’s something for everybody,” Warth explained. “If you’re good at talking in front of a large group of people, or you’re motivated to be an outside sales rep, there’s always that possibility.”

Warth notes that driving positions are readily available—and that even branch manager positions open up from time to time. 

Above all, the Projects Gear Specialist emphasizes that there’s nothing to be afraid of. There’s truly so much potential at CES.

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