Episode 62 | Working Together Under One Roof

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One Conference, One Goal

At TAMCO, the in-house manufacturing and distributing arm of City Electric Supply (CES), an annual projects conference has recently taken place at its state-of-the-art 411,000-square-foot facility in Port St. Lucie, Florida. 

“It’s an amazing facility,” said CES Co-CEO John Gray. “Every time you come down to TAMCO, you learn something new.”

A Great Purpose

The purpose of the projects conference is to bring together professionals of all levels across North America from TAMCO and CES to network, collaborate, discover the latest innovations in the electrical industry, and learn how to better serve customers, vendors, and end users.

“We’ve got every level of management at City Electric Supply from the C-suite, senior regional managers, regional managers, district managers, project managers, and project coordinators,” said TAMCO Sales Director Anthony Moorhead.

“Training and helping each other understand the best ways to operate in the projects world of the electrical and the construction industry and talking shop with the engineers and end users in order to provide value so that they want to work with the CES network is the main objective,” said TAMCO Senior Projects Department Manager Andrew Jackson. 

Learning & Growing With Each Other

Plus, another benefit of the projects conference for attendees is learning from each other. 

“It’s about the people and the interaction to be able to talk to my peers to learn from them,” said District Manager Mike Dryden.

“It’s a network of individuals trying to achieve the same goal,” said Senior Regional Manager Kevin Feidler. “Learning what each territory and each project department is doing to take in information of their successes to create a better avenue for my projects helps better serve our customers.”

Multiple Teams, One Network

And being under the same roof helped multiple teams come together. 

“Every month, there’s a new branch opening, a new project, and so there’s a lot of new individuals being added to the network,” said Andrew. “Coming together, bringing all these people to this conference really provides them the opportunity to break bread, chat with somebody, and ask them questions.”

“Just having people from TAMCO and CES teams from all around North America interacting with each other is an achievement within itself,” added John. 

Being united on better serving customers, local communities, and long-time vendors continues to be a top priority for CES and TAMCO.    

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