CES Philadelphia North East: Old Traditions and New Opportunities for this Electrical Supplier

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While Philadelphia is known for its historical significance, our new electrical supplier in Philadelphia — CES Philadelphia North East — is striving to be known for its customer service in a diverse, opportunity-filled area.  

“The area is rich in diversity and culture. One thing to know is that a large segment of the community is bilingual. The area is seeing a surge of new developments and small businesses opening up and young families moving in. It’s a changing neighborhood with a promising future filled with opportunities,” Branch Manager Nate Gonzalez explained. 

CES Philadelphia North East is surrounded by well-connected highways and newly rising shops, housing, and eateries. 

“There’s also a lot of investment in apartments and condos. And the greater northeast has the big box stores like Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s,” Gonzalez added. “We’re excited to be a part of this growth.”

“It’s a growing community that’s part of the outward expansion from Center City Philadelphia,” District Manager Chip Krawiec said. 

Community-Focused Teamwork

As a Philadelphia native and newly appointed branch manager of CES Philadelphia North East, Gonzalez wants him and his team to contribute to the growth of their community through service and outreach. 

“My guys are from the community. I live close to the store where I was born and raised. In this area, most of the people that come here know us by name. We’ve been around forever, and that’s going to help us become successful as a new electrical supplier,” Nate said.

And although many members of the Philadelphia North East branch are new to the industry, Gonzalez has faith that they have much to offer.

“Most of my guys that I hired are pretty green to the industry. They’re young, but they learn fast and they’re willing to work hard. They’re very focused and very determined to build our book of business and to help out whoever walks into the store,” he explained. 

In terms of the growing industries in the surrounding area, this new electrical supplier in Philadelphia has a lot of potential to offer new customers. 

What To Expect from this Philadelphia Electrical Supplier

“Our branch will be focusing on two parts of the business,” Gonzalez said. “One is lighting and devices, and we’ll carry both residential and commercial lighting. The other will be metering and service materials.”

With the building of new homes, stores, and shops in the area, CES Philadelphia North East will have a lot of opportunities and new business to go after.

And speaking of the future, Branch Manager Nate Gonzalez has plenty of upcoming plans for the official grand opening of the branch in October.

“One of the things that I have planned and am very excited about is that I partnered up with Ideal. They are doing the National Championship Tryouts on October 20th,” he said.

District Manager Chip Krawiec is excited for this opportunity to bring talented electricians to the store during its grand opening.

“All summer long we’ve been doing a trade show with all the branches and we’re going to wrap it up at Nate’s branch,” Krawiec said. “That’s going to be the last of 14 events and that’s going to be his grand opening. We’ve got Jamie Marujo, VP of Operations, and John Gray, Co-COO, that are both coming in for the event. It’s going to be a big day for Nate and his branch, and we’re all really looking forward to that.”

We wish Nate Gonzalez and his team the best of luck! The future looks promising for both CES Philadelphia North East and the local community they’ll be supplying.

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