CES Indianapolis South: Success Builds on Success for this Electrical Supplier

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With most electrical suppliers residing in Indianapolis, District Manager Doug Hornback and Branch Manager Duane Handshoe identified a significant supply gap to fill south of Indianapolis in Greenwood. A big town with a small-town feel, Greenwood is just 25 minutes from Downtown Indianapolis and home to the new City Electric Supply Indianapolis South.

The storefront of CES Indianapolis South — now open!

The Right Place at the Right Time

“I was talking to contractors over the years, asking where a location would be good in the market, and over and over again, they said southside — Greenwood specifically,” Doug said.

“People going in and out of Indy have to pass us, at the beginning and ending of the day. Once I saw this building and its location, I knew this was where we needed to go,” Duane said.

“It was kind of amazing,” Duane continued. “On our first day, the phone started ringing right away. We have a lot of people walking in, and it’s getting steadily busier every day. Customers are excited.”

Support All Around

Fortunately, with three other City Electric Supply branches established around Indianapolis, Duane had the presence and support he needed to hit the ground running. With the double-booking system in place, customers can order from any location and receive flexible, no-minimum deliveries any time of the day.

Duane also has his dream team, a highly motivated unit willing to always go the extra mile. “Caleb Folck, our Operations Manager, is great with people and well-versed with technology and computers. You can’t not like the guy. Chris Keen, our Sales Representative, has 13 years in the industry and is well-rounded with lots of contacts and product knowledge. And Driver Keith Harp is a sharp young man with lots of potential. We are going to cross-train him at the counter as well.”

Duane has been in the industry for 35 years, initially as a contractor and electrician and later in sales, project management, estimates, and purchasing. “I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I know the material and the lingo. I can help alleviate day-to-day stress for my customers by getting what they need in just a few days.” He now enjoys handling a bit of everything in-store, from management to working the counter to unloading trucks.

Also supporting the electrical distributors near Indianapolis is an upcoming additional Wire Service Center. Doug and Duane are both excited about this “gamechanger” to meet the wire and solar needs in the area.

A Look to Match Their Energy

Duane loves his new building, featuring a large warehouse with over 9,000 square feet at his disposal. But deciding on a more modest showroom didn’t mean he sacrificed space for style.

CES Indianapolis features impressive custom lighting by Branch Manager Duane Handshoe.

“We allow staff to do what they want with their branches, and the lighting in our Dallas headquarters was Duane’s inspiration for his branch. Now he gets a lot of compliments. Other branch managers say, ‘I didn’t know we could do this!’ Duane might be a bit of an interior designer,” Doug said.

“My wife helped,” Duane added. “I wanted to make her proud. I thought, ‘Oh, she’ll be proud of me. This is like HGTV.’”

CES Indianapolis South is now excitedly preparing for its grand opening on October 21, featuring vendors, giveaways, and specials. They hope you’ll stop by and meet the team!

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