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CES Martinsburg, WV: New Branch Breaks Ground in Historical Town

  • June 15, 2019
  • Written By: Brooke Williams
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[Martinsburg, West Virginia] — Martinsburg is known as the fastest-growing city in West Virginia, and it’s surrounded by many historical towns and events. With so much history in the area, Martinsburg is facing a lot of new development. An improved infrastructure, revitalized downtown, and a heavily trafficked commerce and agricultural corridor bring plenty of opportunities to the newest City Electric Supply branch looking to make a name for itself.

Branch Manager Jason Moser has been with CES for 15 years and was previously an Outside Sales Representative for the Hagerstown branch. With no experience in the industry before working for CES, Moser said he learned a lot about the electrical industry over the years.

One of the reasons Moser really appreciates CES is the family-oriented culture. From the supporting departments at headquarters to the benefits and perks of working for CES, Moser believes nothing could get any better.

“Family always comes first,” Moser said. “Because CES is a family-owned company, they understand and appreciate that. They also support you whether you are seeking a large or small business; they will provide the resources to make it happen. CES doesn’t put limits on what you can achieve through the company; as long as you put in the effort and go the extra mile, the rewards are unlimited.”

The Martinsburg branch required a lot of work before the storefront was even selected. District Manager Nate Brosius researched the area extensively to find the perfect spot for the new branch.

When the location was selected, Moser and his team had to build the branch from the ground up, literally. The building started as just a 4,000-square-foot slab, which meant that a lot of decisions from the construction process to the finishing touches needed to be made.

“We were involved in making every decision, from the size of the building down to the last little detail,” said Moser. “Being a part of this experience is exciting because I built my own branch, and now I get to run it.”

With nearly 40 years of combined experience, Moser believes his team will have the knowledge to serve any customer who walks through their door.

“My team is very driven and goal oriented. We never settle for less and are always striving to be better,” he said.

From meeting new customers and providing excellent service, Moser knows his team is equipped to build relationships in an area of West Virginia where customers appreciate that personal touch. With extremely competitive pricing and an inventory he plans on adjusting to regularly, Moser wants to meet and stay ahead of his customers’ needs.

“We want to support our customers and help them with whatever is needed. We offer free delivery, typically on the same day. I guarantee there is no other distributor that will beat our customer service. We will always put their needs first,” said Moser. “We pride ourselves on making sure each and every customer is taken care of to the absolute best of our ability.”

Although Moser does not expect every customer to shop with them, he knows it’s important to cater to the customers he can help.

“The key is to really sell yourself. Electrical material may be similar wherever you shop, but the people inside the branch will be the ones who make the store great.”


City Electric Supply is a family-owned electrical wholesale distributor dedicated to providing the best customer service in the industry since 1983. City Electric Supply currently operates 481 locations in 31 states across the nation.

Visit CES Martinsburg, WV at:

1644 Winchester Ave.

Martinsburg, WV 25405

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