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CES Youngsville, NC: Customer-First Focus for Newest North Carolina Branch

  • June 16, 2019
  • Written By: Brooke Williams
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[Youngsville, North Carolina] — Youngsville is a growing town in North Carolina with a rich history, and located just 40 minutes north of Raleigh, the small town is attracting many new residents who want to build homes and businesses.

Branch Manager Kenneth Feldman managed four different branches over the last 22 years, and with more than two decades of experience, he is looking forward to starting his own branch in Youngsville.

Since his start at the Raleigh branch less than an hour away, Feldman discovered that one of his favorite things about being a branch manager is the opportunity to help customers and his own employees.

“Helping customers buy products they need is my favorite part. I have also really enjoyed helping and watching my employees grow,” said Feldman. “I have seen many of my guys grow; I got to help them work their way up. It is exciting to see where they go in the company.”

Over the years, Feldman has shared exciting experiences that helped City Electric Supply grow, expand, and change the landscape of the electrical supply business.

“When I started, I was in an office building with no stores in the area. Now I see a store every 10 minutes. It has been an incredible journey,” said Feldman.

Besides growing with the company, Feldman stated that the opportunity to go to conferences has helped him and his career immensely, and it’s still one of his favorite ways to get new ideas and learn ways to improve his branch.

Opening the Youngsville branch was far from complicated, according to Feldman. The original building was a lighting showroom, so it required very little renovation to be outfitted as a City Electric Supply branch. This let Feldman focus on how to make the branch’s showroom easier on his customers so they can get in and out quickly.

“We have a large counter area, and we installed new flooring and a few extra windows. The last thing we did was make sure our products are out front, so customers can pull their own orders,” said Feldman.

Feldman is excited about the many opportunities he will encounter. Located at the entrance of an industrial park with several industrial businesses nearby, the branch should secure a good portion of the industrial market. Additionally, with new neighborhoods popping up as well, the Youngsville branch will receive a good mix of residential and commercial business, too.

“I am most excited about creating new relationships in a new are,a and a new county. We have one small competitor down the street, so we are excited to supply customers in the area with the products they need,” Feldman said.

With knowledgeable employees at his side, Feldman can’t wait to see how well his branches serve the Youngsville customers. Operations Manager Keith Dennison started as a driver nearly 20 years ago; he then worked in outside sales as well as counter sales. Casey Keith is the branch’s outside sales representative; he previously worked at the Knightdale branch for several years, working his way up and learning about CES.

“This branch is going to outshine others because our staff is dedicated to serving our customers,” Feldman said. “With new opportunities here wherever we look, we know that we can help this community.”


City Electric Supply is a family-owned electrical wholesale distributor dedicated to providing the best customer service in the industry since 1983. City Electric Supply currently operates 481 locations in 31 states across the nation.

Visit CES Youngsville, NC at:

225 Weathers Street

Unit 113

Youngsville, NC 27596

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