CES Greenville: Electrical Supplier Creates a New Legacy

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Greenville, a lively college town and home of the East Carolina University Pirates, features a little bit of everything — and now even a new electrical supplier in City Electric Supply Greenville.

“Every type of customer surrounds us. We have a state university, plenty of industrial plants, and a lot of residential and commercial customers as well,” said Branch Manager Glenn Walston.

New Beginnings

Glenn has an incredible 30 years in the industry. Starting fresh out of college as a computer programmer for a local supply house, he grew into an operations manager and later transitioned to sales. Glenn joined the CES family one year ago, but even before he knew it was the right move.

“CES was my first choice because I was allowed to keep my core team together. Plus, it’s a large company that still has the atmosphere of a family-owned mom-and-pop company. I like that each branch sort of stands on its own,” Glenn said.

CES Greenville is now serving customers in Greenville, North Carolina!

Speaking of his team, Glenn is confident he has the right people leading CES Greenville to success.

“Our employees are what makes this branch unique. We have a combined 65 years of experience in this industry, with a mixture of youthful energy as well as veteran experience, which makes us different from anyone around here,” Glenn said.

One of those employees is the best counter guy Glenn says he’s ever worked with, Store Manager Danny Boyd. Danny has 20 years of experience, which includes working with electrical contractors.

Glenn also spoke of two “up-and-coming rock stars.” The first is Michael Walston, Outside Account Manager and Glenn’s son. “I don’t know if you can find another 21-year-old man that already has over four years of experience in the industry,” Glenn said.

Then there’s Jacob Smith, Warehouse Manager. Glenn is very impressed with how quickly Jacob has learned so much in just a few months.

A Solid Foundation

All the hard work this Greenville electrical supplier put in is already paying off.

“Me and Michael started in December of 2020. We’ve been waiting a long time to get this up and running, so we’re super excited about it,” Glenn explained. “October 4 will be our grand opening, but we’ve been going for six months now, selling close to two hundred thousand dollars worth of product a month out of this building.”

Glenn says the key, above all else, is their willingness to serve customers. “We’re very customer-oriented. You’re not going to walk in the door and not have someone speak to you. We’re going to greet you even if we can’t wait on you right away.”

As the location of a former Salvation Army Thrift Store, CES Greenville has even welcomed some unknowing potential customers.

“Not a day goes by that we don’t have someone stop in, thinking we are still the Salvation Army. Several times a week, when we get to work in the morning, someone has been by and dropped off items at our doors,” Glenn laughed.

Lastly, Glenn expressed that whatever the future holds, CES Greenville is in good hands.

“Danny and I are not ready to retire, but when the time comes, I am excited to know that I have two young guys that will be ready to step up and take charge.”

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