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CES Biltmore Branch Remodel

  • August 4, 2019
  • Written By: Brooke Williams
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[Asheville, North Carolina] –Located in the heart of Asheville, NC, City Electric Supply Biltmore specializes in selling equipment including tools, parts, fasteners, cables, and lighting. Because of all their experience providing residents with their electrical supply needs, it’s only natural that CES Biltmore would want to update their image to match the changing times, which seemed simple enough. But sometimes even the simplest of things can prove to be difficult.

Remodeling anything is never an easy feat, but this job proved to be harder than expected. The look of the building was less than ideal, with one of the main issues being the drop ceiling. What CES Biltmore needed was a fixture that could light up the space in a flattering yet modern way without a drop ceiling.

Selected for the job was the TAMHLX100, an LED high bay. As an efficient alternative to the fluorescent lighting used in the past, the TAMHLX100 provided longevity at a low cost. The TAMHLX100 was designed weighing only five pounds making it flexible in differing environments, easy to install, and perfect for a remodel.

With the combination of LED technology and a sleek form factor, the TAMHLX100 fulfilled the modern design CES Biltmore wanted. With the drop ceiling removed, they can continue to move into the contemporary look they’re going for with their remodel.

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