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Dade City to Lighting Control

  • August 5, 2019
  • Written By: Brooke Williams
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After nearly six months of hard work and dedication, the Dade City branch helped finalize the San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union in Dade City, Florida. Although there were many electrical contractors bidding to receive this project, Martin Electric won the opportunity. Knowing CES has the best prices for quality products, John Kinsman, owner of Martin Electric, reached out to the branch for lighting and gear quotes. CES Dade City provided Leviton and Hubbell Lighting, two quality manufacturers that Kinsman and CES know well.

“Martin Electric reached out to us to help,” Branch Manager Brandon Hershey said. “We have worked with them for quite a while on a day-to-day basis. John knows he can call me, and I will help out when and where I can. When I heard he got the bid, we immediately got to work.”

Making sure the parts and wiring diagrams were correctly placed was the most challenging aspect of this project. With so many different systems in place, it was important for everything to work together seamlessly.

“The lighting control was a little intimidating on paper. There was a lot that went into it, and we had to be careful. Making the job easier on Martin Electric was one of our biggest goals for this project. But, after we received the parts with the correct wiring diagrams, it all went together nicely.”

With the credit union opening in July, the team moved quickly and efficiently to make sure everything was available when needed. After helping Martin Electric complete the credit union, Hershey and his team felt accomplished to have everything wrapped up so smoothly. Because the credit union is so close, Hershey made routine stops to make sure they stayed on top of the job.

“The credit union is local and was easy to check in on. I live nearby and drove past the building daily. Popping in to see what needed to be done and how I could help was simple, yet exciting,” Hershey said. “You never knew what problem you may need to solve that day. It’s one of the best aspects of helping out with these larger projects.”

The San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union opens mid-July 2019, and the team is excited to showcase all their hard work.



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