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CES Derry Has the Power

  • August 3, 2019
  • Written By: Brooke Williams
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[Derry, New Hampshire] – CES Derry is upgrading lighting and restoring commercial properties with the help of Eversource, New England’s largest energy provider. Eversource runs a rebate program called Downstream, which offers businesses the opportunity to upgrade their lighting while giving them a healthy return on their lighting investment.

With jobs coming in very quickly, Branch Manager Andrew Mancuso has to react fast to stay on top of new jobs. Mancuso visits sites to see what old lighting is being used, and then decides the best LED replacement. From there, the only part of the job customers pay for is labor; the majority of the product cost is covered through Eversource’s Downstream program.

Helping Their Community

CES Derry recently helped complete the Chester Public Library. A fire unfortunately broke out when an old ballast in the ceiling fixtures caught ablaze. Mancuso was at the location first thing in the morning to see how he could help the library in his area. After taking a look at what needed to be replaced, he sent it over to Eversource for approval. Eversource gave them a 95 percent return on their new LED lighting upgrade.

“Chester was so thrilled at how fast CES Derry reacted that they sent a member of their board over to thank us personally,” Mancuso said. “We were just happy to make a difference in our community.”

Local Partnerships

CES Derry has been working with several local electrical companies to provide lighting. If the branch does not have specific lighting fixtures or materials on hand, they’ll reach out to BK Electric in Chester exclusively to source the lighting or provide labor. Building relationships with suppliers and contractors in their area has only helped their business.

How does the rebate program work?

Eversource offers rebates for any business that needs assistance and cannot afford to replace old lighting and fixtures.

“It all depends on how many watts you burn and what the wattage on the LED will burn,” Mancuso explained. “Plus, it helps with how many hours per day you run the lighting. The longer you run the lighting, the bigger the rebate.”

The branch also completed a job at MR Wood, a woodchip and bark mulch company. They qualified for a 125 percent return on their cost of fixtures. Because MR Wood runs two shifts, the more wattage they burned resulted in a more significant rebate.

Mancuso said working with Eversource has helped his branch get more customers and business.

“It was a no-brainer to hop on board. We get to do a good thing for people and businesses in our communities while growing City Electric Supply at the same time. There was really no downside to this partnership.”



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