Wiha Tools: Sets for Apprentice to Pro

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Wiha provides tool sets that help people succeed, whether it’s their first day on site or they’re a 30-year veteran. Learn about essential collections everyone should grab along their journey, whatever their electrical skill level.

16-Piece Insulated Apprentice Tool Set

“Whether you are setting up panels or doing residential HVAC work, Wiha’s apprentice tool set is a complete tool kit to get you started as an apprentice electrician,” said Dan Conroy, City Electric Supply Online Sales Support Manager.

The set includes insulated tools for protection against energized applications, plus everyday tools and a convenient belt pouch for easy access round.

• Insulated SoftFinish® Screwdrivers

• Insulated PicoFinish® Precision Screwdrivers

• Insulated Pliers and Cutters

• Wire Strippers, Tape Measure, Claw Hammer, and Level

• Electricians Belt Pouch

All insulated tools are tested to 10,000 volts AC and rated to 1,000 volts AC (1,500 volts DC) for peace of mind in electrical work. Learn more about how Wiha prioritizes safety and comfort here.

SoftFinish provides a comfortable cushioned grip allowing more torque with less hand fatigue. And PicoFinish provides a hex profile finger grip that supports a comfortable hand position (as if writing with a pencil) for precision work.

“Customers love how the SoftFinish screwdrivers feel and perform, and how easily the pliers are broken in straight out of package,” said Mihran Egavian, Vice President of Sales North, Central, and South America.

30-Piece Tool Kit with Tech Pac Backpack

“This kit expands on the Apprentice Tool Set with even more tools for more difficult tasks,” said Conroy.

This pro pack includes a quality tool set and a high-quality backpack. Comfortably keep multiple tool sets on hand while working up high or traveling long distances.

• Insulated SoftFinish® Screwdrivers

• Insulated SoftFinish® Pliers

• Hex L-key Inch and Metric Sets

• SoftFinish® 11inOne Multi-Driver

• Tech Pac Backpack

Wiha pulled out all the stops for this backpack with 56 pockets, two storage bays, and four storage platforms. Weatherproof and tested to carry up to 830 pounds, it’s tough enough for long-lasting daily jobsite use. And the thermoformed EVA padded back panel and shoulder strap system carry everything securely and comfortably.

Hex L-key sets are color-coded for quick identification and have a textured surface shaft for a sure grip. The multi-driver holds eight screwdriver tips and three nut drivers for compact versatility. Find the same great insulated comfort and safety in the screwdrivers and pliers as in the Apprentice Set.

Tried and True Sets: Screwdrivers, Pliers & Cutters, and Nut Setters

Replace an older set with Wiha’s safer, sturdier options, or keep a spare set handy for convenience.

• The 7-piece Screwdriver Set includes the most common slotted, Phillips, and square heads. The set also includes the popular SoftFinish handles. The driver tip label on the cap helps identify the right tool at a glance.

• The 3-piece Pliers and Cutters Set has long nose pliers, diagonal cutters, and New England-style lineman’s pliers. All feature DynamicJoint for 40% stronger cutting and gripping. Combined with a cushion-grip handle, it’s easier to work longer with less fatigue.

• The 6-piece Nut Setters include standard SAE sizes and are color-coded for quickly identifying the correct size. Even better, these are impact-rated for power tool use and have industrial-strength magnets for secure fits and to work one-handed more easily.

Contact your local City Electric Supply today to learn more about Wiha Tools!

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