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Since 1983, City Electric Supply (CES) has partnered with major vendors and customers on unique projects across industrial, residential, and commercial sectors. 

Supplying the Construction of New Business Facility

Just recently, the Corporate Solutions division of CES, in collaboration with national manufacturer NSI, helped plan the development of NSI’s new business operations facility in North Carolina.

“We chose to work with the solutions group because we felt that they would have the ability to keep their arms around all aspects of the project, whether it was lighting or wiring cable or switchgear. They had local inventory, not only at the branches that could service the job, but also at their Charlotte distribution center,” said NSI Industries Executive Vice President of Sales Tom Wallace.

Supplying a Real Estate Development 

City Electric Supply has also collaborated with local trade partners like CJ Electric for a billion-dollar real estate project in Hoover, Alabama.

“This is an ongoing project that we have been doing for about three years now,” said CJ Electric Field Manager Jeremy Ingram.

CES Alabaster helped supply material for the electrical installation in the homes of the area’s first active adult community for residents 55 and older, Abingdon by the River at Lake Wilborn and the neighboring 8,000-square-foot fire station.

“They’ve supplied just about everything from devices, plugs, and switches,” said CJ Electric Supervisor Phillip Johnston. “City Electric Supply is one of the best electric supply companies we’ve ever worked with.”

Supplying EV Chargers at Renowned Distillery 

And CES even helped a renowned distillery in Fort Worth, Texas, go green.

“Acre Distilling is the only solar-powered distillery in the state of Texas,” said Owner Tony Formby. “It powers all the lighting, the air conditioning, and all the machinery here.”

CES Fort Worth partnered with solar company Circle L Solar and manufacturer Siemens to supply material for EV chargers for Acre Distilling’s parking lot.

“We’ve been customers of City Electric Supply for two years. They care about their people, their customers,” said Circle L Solar Chief Executive Officer Shaun Sierra.

“The partnership between Siemens, City Electric Supply, and Circle L Solar has formed into a friendship,” added Siemens Residential Sales Specialist Rhett Hasserd.

Facilitating A Major Deal

And CES also help to facilitate a major cobranding deal between Circle L Solar and Siemens.

“The significance of the cobranding is that it’s the first time it’s been done through a channel with Circle L Solar. City Electric Supply approached us about white labeling the chargers with Circle L Solar branding on them,” said Siemens Channel Sales Engineer Tracy Gentry. “Our chargers have Siemens on the front panel, and Circle L Solar had requested that their logo get put on the front panel as well.”

But CES doesn’t just help develop businesses. They give back to the community as well. 

Supplying Renovations of A Military Museum & VFW Post

CES helped renovate lighting for a military museum in South Carolina.

“This specific project took about three days, but the overall renovations that we’ve been involved with have taken about two and a half months, and City Electric Supply provided everything for that,” said Deer Pond Electrical Project Manager Nick Akright.

“We’ve received a lot of feedback from the community,” said South Carolina Military Museum Curator of Collections Heather McPherson. “We had very stark, fluorescent lighting, which is not good for our artifacts, and it really brightened up the space a little too much for visitors. So now they can experience it in a better setting, and the artifacts really pop.” 

And a VFW Post in Sierra Vista, Arizona. 

“CES provided all the equipment and all the material, and just installed them,” said Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative Foreman Eddie Soul.”

As City Electric Supply continues to grow, we take pride in staying true to our values in providing personalized customer service for projects big and small!

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