Episode 52 | Building New Communities in Hoover, Alabama

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City Electric Supply (CES) is well-known for supporting the growth of towns and cities across the nation. But did you know this electrical wholesaler also helps build new communities from the ground up? When a new home builder and electrical contractor in Hoover, Alabama, needed a highly experienced electrical supplier to help work through supply chain difficulties, they turned to CES.

Helping a Plan Come Together

Signature Homes began developing six communities in the Hoover area in 2017, and this massive 1,900-home project will continue through 2025. One community is Abingdon by the River at Lake Wilborn, a 55-plus community catering to an active adult community with resort-style amenities.

But building over 200 homes a year requires a team that Signature Homes can trust.

“What’s made this project different is the effect of product availability. It’s not something that any of us are accustomed to. So right now, relationships are key. Flexibility is key. Creativity is key,” said Signature Homes Procurement Director Thor Manskow.

Fortunately, they can rely on the invaluable assistance of CES team members like Outside Sales Representative Keith Phillips.

“I was an electrician for 20 years before CES,” said Phillips. “Two team members at our Alabaster branch worked for me before I brought them along. We help Signature Homes plan ahead based on material coming in to keep everyone on schedule when faced with supply chain issues.”

Signature Homes Development Manager Joe Etheridge said, “As we’ve gotten to know Keith, he has been a great resource. He helps answer many challenging questions, whether it’s regarding cost, product availability, or what our trade partners are experiencing.”

Bringing Supply to Demand

CES has also supplied one of those trade partners, CJ Electric, which installs the electrical in the new homes.

“They supplied all the wiring, plugs, switches, breakers, panels — pretty much anything we needed,” said CJ Electric Field Manager Jeremy Ingram.

As CES and CJ Electric have worked together on the homes over the past three years, the relationship has only grown stronger.

“They can call me at six or seven at night to discuss things. It’s not just business hours,” said Phillips.

CES Alabaster got some good people working with them, and they’ve always treated me right. I don’t have to worry about loading my truck up when I go for supplies,” said CJ Electric Supervisor Phillip Johnston.

CES Helps Protect the Community Too

In addition to the beautiful Abingdon homes, CES helped supply the new 8,000-square-foot fire station beside the Abingdon community. It has three double-park drive-through bays with six apparatuses for fire trucks, ladder trucks, and paramedic trucks.

“During the building of these communities, we’re adding a lot of athletic facilities and fields and expanding a stadium,” said Etheridge. “So, the fire station serves as the emergency response for the athletic complex.”

“When I first heard the sirens go off and they went on their first call, I was proud to have been a part of that,” said Johnston.

Etheridge said, “The rewarding part is how it impacts all these lives. When you look at the entire project, it’s a billion-dollar impact on the community.”

The terrific partnership between Signature Homes, CJ Electric, and CES has done more than help local businesses thrive through unique challenges. The community-building project will benefit generations of families in Hoover long after the project ends.

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