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Not Your Average Office

  • July 13, 2020
  • Written By: Celine Rogers
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Office lighting is notoriously utilitarian. It’s the last thing people notice about an office, if it’s noticed at all.

Farland Corp., a company based in New Bedford, Massachusetts, wanted something better for their new facility. They wanted their lighting to have a unique look, leave a positive impression, and create a more comfortable environment, a practically revolutionary concept for an office. 

“Practically” because Tamlite Lighting has done it twice before.

“This is the 3rd project we have done within the U.S. on this style lighting,” said Jeff McLure, the engineer on the project. “There’s the CES headquarters in Dallas, Texas, then there’s the new TAMCO facility in Port St. Lucie, Florida.”

So, when City Electric Supply New Bedford was brought on to the project, they made the easy decision to team up with Tamlite Lighting to bring Farland Corp. the perfect lighting.

“Office lighting is designed to not stand out. It’s almost supposed to blend into the ceiling. This lighting is different. The ceilings are really dark, the lights are bright with a grid pattern you cannot miss,” said District Manager Jeremy Higgins. “It’s not utilitarian, it’s modern, which is uncommon in an office setting.”

Farland Corp came to City Electric Supply because they wanted top-notch lighting, and City Electric Supply showed them the new TAMCO facility in Florida because that’s where it was.

“Jaime had just come back from a tour of the facility and had seen how they did the layout and the crisscross patterns,” said Higgins. “At first glance, it’s very unique, yet it’s extremely functional.”

“We shared the idea with the owner Christian at Farland Corp., and he loved it. We had Tamlite do some layouts for us and it took off from there,” said CES VP of Operations Jaime Marujo.

After Farland Corp. saw and loved the look, City Electric Supply immediately went to work with Tamlite Lighting to make it happen.

“I think what people might not know about Tamlite is that they have the ability to do custom stuff like this. Outside vendors usually have a catalog, that’s it,” said Higgins. “Tamlite customized everything we needed down to the tiniest measurements.”

Tamlite’s unmatched attention to detail did more than show they cared about the outcome of the project — it saved a lot of valuable time and money.

“They gave the customers the exact hanging points in the ceiling so that the engineer could pinpoint the dimensions on the ceiling and know exactly where they needed to be,” Higgins said. “Other manufacturers wouldn’t have been able to provide those services, and it would have required a lot of guesswork.” 

With all of the detailed assistance provided by Tamlite Lighting, you might think this project took a while to plan and get up and running.

“From quoting to finish and with everything customized,” said Higgins, “the entire project took two months.” 

The process was so smooth and the results were so immaculate that the new Farland Corp facility now stands as a model for other potential clients.

“The fact that we have this locally is great because it can be an example for other customers,” said Higgins. “The end user likes to show it off because he’s very happy with it.”

And the customer isn’t the only one satisfied with the outcome of the project.

“The project came out amazing! Thank you CES for giving us the opportunity to make this project a reality,” said TAMCO VP of Operations Jordan McGinn.

Everything seemed to easily fall into place, and much of that is because of the consistent communication between City Electric Supply, Tamlite Lighting, and the customer.

“The best part about this project was the teamwork,” reflected Higgins. “The customer was willing to work with us and let us suggest things and see them through, and that’s why it turned out so well. Everyone was helpful, and the feedback has reflected that.”

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