Working Out for Charity

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“Never in my life did I think I’d get called out for the amount of working out I do,” said City Electric Supply Lighting Specialist Brittany Hudson. “My husband and I argue because he always wants me to do workouts with him, and I have refused for our entire relationship up until three or four months ago when we started using the app to work out together.”

The App

The app she’s talking about is Aaptiv, the #1 audio fitness app that is free to City Electric Supply employees. The app offers running training programs, high-intensity interval training, playlists, customizable workouts, in-app progress tracking, Google Fit integration, and unlimited access to hundreds of fitness classes.

The best part? For every hour you use the app, CES donates 50 cents to the charity of your choice through their Cash for Hearts program. In one month, Hudson raised $57.

The Benefits

Since she was young, Hudson has suffered from depression, and with quarantine, she feared falling into a bad cycle. That’s when she dedicated herself to working out with the app.

“I needed to keep myself busy because I didn’t want to fall back into my depression cycle. I needed to do something,” she said. “Working out has helped me sleep better and feel confident about myself. I feel better and stronger,” she said.

An added benefit for Hudson has been the extra family time.

“I enjoy getting to do something with my family. My daughter does it with us too — well, she thinks she’s doing it,” laughed Hudson. “We’re on a 38-day streak right now, which will probably only break if I get sick.”

“Which is less likely now that you’re using the app!” added CES Cares Social Impact Manager Karen Gray.

“Even though I’m back in the office now, it’s still something I strive and push to do,” said Hudson. “It’s setting a good example for my kid, and it’s made me feel better. Life’s better, too. It’s something my husband and I can do together, and I have more energy.”

Are you a CES employee interested in joining Hudson, working out with Aaptiv, and raising money for your favorite organizations? Just visit

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