How CES Cares Helps Employees Give Back

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Whether it’s a local cause or a national initiative, the social impact division of City Electric Supply (CES), CES Cares, is here to empower team members to give back. It was established in 2016 as the company’s umbrella for all charitable, philanthropic, and volunteer efforts. 

CES Cares makes it easy for employees to get involved and stay involved in their communities. The social impact division is responsible for Dollars for Doers and Cash for Hearts. When an employee logs a minimum of 10 volunteer hours, CES will award them $100 to donate to the charity of their choice. Getting started is easy! Employees simply go to their CES Cares website and log in. The account is automatically created when they join CES and helps in tracking volunteer hours. 

“Our Dollars for Doers program is such a great way that the company enables employees to give to the charity of their choice,” said Social Impact Manager Karen Gray. “The program was created so they can have the option to donate to their chosen organization while making the most impact in their community.”

And it’s safe to say the CES team members across the country have been utilizing the program. Just look at what they have accomplished! CES Myrtle Beach Outside Sales Representative Richard “Boo” Smith has tracked more than 130 hours of volunteer time on his CES Cares account, donating his time to Meals on Wheels.

“Employees can take advantage of the money they can get from CES Cares,” Richard Smith said. “It’s a great program, and it’s kind of like doubling an investment. Not only can they invest the time to help a cause of their choice, but CES is also donating money to that charity.”

For team members who want to help but are not sure where to get started, CES Cares has got it covered! With the CES Cares Charity Finder, employees can search for and find nearby volunteer opportunities. 

“The CES Cares account is such a great tool to track any volunteer time,” said Karen. “The account also makes it so easy to find engagement opportunities nearby.”

Employees can contact to ask any questions or receive help. 

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