CES Gainesville, GA: Car Show Fundraiser Raises Nearly $7,000 for Children in Need

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Each year, countless children and families require the kindness of others to make their days special. Charities across the nation help make wishes come true each year by providing gifts to those in need, but they can’t do it alone.

That’s why City Electric Supply (CES) Gainesville in Georgia worked year-round to organize an incredible fundraiser — the 5th Annual City Electric Supply Car Show. Their goal has been to ensure that every child in the community receives toys and essentials like clothing.

While the 2021 event raised an incredible $5,700, the team blew past that total in 2022, raising more than $6,700 to help even more people in need! Learn how Branch Manager Jerry Gordon, Operations Manager Sabrina Gordon, and the rest of the branch team made it happen. And, of course, read about the highlights of the car show too!

Making Wishes Come True for Those in Need

The branch team’s motivation is to help bring happiness to children who wouldn’t otherwise experience the joy of opening a gift.

“We know it isn’t about the toys, but a toy can mean so much to a kid. Not everybody has it the same, but the one who doesn’t have as much, they’re the ones who really appreciate things like this,” said Jerry Gordon.

In 2021, the car show raised enough money to provide gifts for everyone on the charity partner’s list. But in 2022, with more families potentially in need, they knew they had to up their game.

Jerry Gordon recognized the passion and efforts of the rest of the team, who help made this success possible: Driver/Warehouse Timothy Harris, Counter Sales/Warehouse Johnny Christopher, Counter Sales/Warehouse Michael Nash, and Sales Representative Jimmy Harris.

Happiness Delivered

After the fundraiser, Sabrina Gordon stretched the donations as far as possible by carefully shopping the area’s best deals. Then, the team filled their box truck and delivered the gifts to the local charity Lanier Shrine Club

The Shriners are committed to serving mankind through the resources of its philanthropy, being the premier fraternal organization for men of good character, fostering self-improvement through leadership, education, the perpetuation of moral values, and community involvement.

CES team member Harris has been a Shriner since 2006 and was president of the Lanier fraternity in 2016. 

“All of the toys purchased from the car show went to Shriners Kids,” said Jimmy. “It’s great to host an event that helped another cause close to my heart.”

How A Community Revved Up to Give Back

The team began to plan this year’s City Electric Supply Car Show as soon as the previous one ended. But the hard work paid off — the event broke a new record with 116 vehicles filling over three parking lots around CES Gainesville. And that brought over 200 excited visitors, according to the branch manager.

There were plenty of unforgettable sights: long-haul 18-wheelers with fully home-like interiors, a 750 horse-power rail buggy with tires as tall as a person, and one of only five 1916 Ford Phantoms known to exist.

CES Gainesville team member Jimmy Harris handled the grill as the team provided barbecue and snow cones — all donated by local sponsors. That means 100% of food sales benefitted the fundraiser.

As enthusiasm for the show builds each year, the community gets more involved in other ways. Previously, Jerry Gordon hand-made each trophy for the best vehicle categories. But during the most recent event, one local resident bought and delivered over 30 professionally made award trophies.

And CES Gainesville makes sure that no car show participant walks away empty-handed. They each received a goodie back stuffed with gifts from over 20 vendors.

Attendees also donated to enter raffles, winning exciting prizes such as griddles and coolers.

But the generosity didn’t end there. One charitable car show regular who couldn’t attend the event still donated $1,000!

The day ended with an exciting burnout competition, showing off the vehicles’ incredible power and style.

Anyone Can Make a Difference

Jerry Gordon said they never thought the event would become such a sensation. But he said it’s possible for anyone to give back to their community just like the Gainesville branch.

He encourages anyone who wants to begin organizing a fundraiser in their area to go to the local chamber of commerce or school to get a list of local charity organizations. Choose a cause you believe in and want to support. Inspiration will lead you from there.

“It’s a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun. Everybody can help somebody out each day and be a good neighbor,” Jerry Gordon said.

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