Episode 64 | Growth & Service Starts With People

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At City Electric Supply (CES), the root of our growth is the people. From opening new branches to gaining new customers, the electrical supplier has been ramping it up in the latter half of 2023.

In the months of July, August, and September alone, CES has opened 10 branches in eight states across the U.S. Every CES branch brings new opportunities to the communities they serve. And that’s especially true for the team members that operate them.

“Opening this location has been a great change of pace for me, and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish here,” said CES Palm Beach Airport Branch Manager Michael Carter. 

“I’ve done just about everything in electrical distribution. I started as a driver, worked in the warehouse, counters sales, quotations, you name it,” said CES Englewood Branch Manager Josh Pickle. “I’m excited to bring my skills here to Englewood and help CES customers to the best of my ability.”

“We’re here to help anyone in town with whatever they need,” said CES Portsmouth NH Branch Manager Michael Wilcox. “I’m excited to have this location open and get to see some old and new faces here.”

The importance of serving customers in their local communities is a constant for every team member. 

“Each of my team members wants to go above and beyond for our customers and show them how much we appreciate them,” said CES Baltimore North Branch Manager Brian Macrae. “My team is very dependable, and I am blessed to have them in my corner every day.” 

“The team I have here is second to none. Having people with experience is beneficial for us. We know what the customer is talking about, and we can help get what is best for them,” said CES Azle Branch Manager Collin Greene. 

“Customers have been driving into the city, which is about 45 minutes one way, to get their material. Now, they will be able to just drive down the street and come to CES Elgin IL,” said Branch Manager Tom Salazar. “We already have people contacting us, and they are excited that we are here. It’s a great feeling.” 

And the collaboration of team members throughout the CES branch network helps contribute to the high quality of that service.

CES Cleveland TN is going to be the start of bridging a gap between our Knoxville and Chattanooga stores,” said District Manager Michael Faller. “We are in an area where CES will have an opportunity to help a lot of new businesses and potential customers. This location will be very convenient for people, and we are excited to help their needs.” 

“Colorado Springs is about an hour and a half away from Denver and our additional CES locations. The company is opening a Colorado Springs and Colorado Springs Central location to assist one another with the growth in the city,” said District Manager Randy Birely. “Both are open and ready to go. It’s great to have them both opening at the same time.”

At City Electric Supply, the commitment to growth and service is unwavering.

“Our hope after spending this time preparing CES Nantucket is that our customers see that we did this for them. There was benefit and value in taking the time to do it right,” said District Jeremy Higgins. “We want to be here to help them, and we want our customers to receive the best service possible.” 

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