Episode 51 | CES Aiken Eases Supply Chain Demand

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It’s no secret that supply chain management continues to create challenges for businesses across the country. Of business leaders surveyed by SAP, 44% said that their current supply chain issues are due to a lack of raw materials, and 50% expect supply chain disruptions due to reduced raw material availability.

While there are no easy answers, electrical wholesaler City Electric Supply (CES) Aiken in South Carolina goes the extra mile to ensure that local contractors can get the material they need to start and complete projects.

The Aiken branch, just like the hundreds of other locations nationwide, has continued to thrive through hard work and a deep commitment to honoring customer loyalty. As a way of saying thanks to the community for supporting 25 years in business, CES Aiken invited local residents to celebrate the milestone.

“It’s fun to come out and spend time with customers during our 25th anniversary celebration,” said Branch Manager Samantha Thomas, who has been with CES for 15 years. “It’s also our chance to remind customers, ‘We know that material is hard to find right now, but we will fight for you and do anything that we can do to help you.’”

CES Aiken is Always Available to Its Customers

What is the Aiken branch’s key to success? Its team goes the extra mile by remaining on-call virtually 24/7 to provide impressively personalized service.

“Most of our customers have every CES team member’s phone number and can give us a shout anytime,” said Thomas. “If a customer needs material after hours, our team will help them. And if the customer can’t make it here, my team brings it to them.”

She followed, “Anything that you could possibly need electrical-wise, we can get.” 

But how does City Electric Supply come through to meet the material demand? With next-level nationwide inventory support.

Three new CES fulfillment centers opened in 2022 for five strategically located centers across the U.S. These centers support over 550 branches throughout the country, each of which additionally stock and share various materials.

Diane Vanek-Costello, Owner-CFO at Lite Electrical Services, said about CES Aiken, “They’ve always been affordable and easy to work with. They quote quickly and find solutions so I can get material more efficiently.”

“I’m proud of my team, who goes above and beyond what they’re asked for to help customers,” said Thomas. “Our goal at CES Aiken is to keep growing our business and customer service to help even more people.”

Live in the Aiken area? Visit CES Aiken and let them help complete your project with its friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated team.

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