Customer Donates $500 to the American Cancer Society

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Every October and November, City Electric Supply (CES), through its social impact division CES Cares, encourages employees in more than 550 branches across the country and their valued customers to support cancer awareness by donating to organizations like the American Cancer Society. 

According to the American Cancer Society, one in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Its mission is to make the world cancer-free through research and prevention efforts. 

Amazingly, one of the largest donations given to CES since the partnership began was at CES Vero Beach on the eastern coast of Florida. 

CES Vero Beach Receives a Phone Call

Operations Manager Regina Smith was working the front desk at the Vero Beach branch when a long-time customer called inquiring about the donation effort for cancer awareness.

“He called me a couple of days before coming in and said, ‘Hey, I heard about the cancer donation drive, and I’d like to give a donation in person,’” Regina added. 

Donations can be given directly online or in person at a CES branch.

“We usually receive donations virtually,” explained Regina. “But he wanted to bring cash.”

When the customer finally arrived at CES Vero Beach, Smith was in for a big surprise.

“He donated $500 and also brought this note in an envelope thanking City Electric Supply for taking on this cause,” said Regina. 

Long-Time Customer Champions the Cause 

The generous donor who made a big impact was Joe Petrulak, electrical contractor and co-owner of Blais Electric.

“I received a flyer via email from CES saying that they were supporting the American Cancer Society, and being that it is a special cause for me, I decided to chip in,” Joe explained. 

Joe Petrulak’s older sister passed away from breast cancer, and his mother and younger sister have battled cancer.

“Cancer is a horrible disease in what it does to people and their families,” added Joe. “I thought it was a good thing what CES and the American Cancer Society were doing, and I just wanted to do my part and contribute.”

Being a part of such a good cause also touched the branch personally.

“It’s awesome that the customers come out to donate to something like this,” said Regina. “I’ve had a couple of aunts and a sister who’ve battled cancer, and seeing the support that organizations like the American Cancer Society get is a good feeling.”

And Joe hopes that one day there will be a cure.

“Cancer awareness is important for raising funds to try to treat and find a cure for cancer and help not just the people affected by it but their family members as well,” added Joe.

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