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Nearly two years ago, the Renewables Division of City Electric Supply (CES) partnered with SolarTyme, a division under AAPCO that specializes in solar panel installation. Together, they have been making waves in the solar industry.

“City Electric Supply has provided us with all of the materials and equipment that we’ve needed for all of our projects,” SolarTyme Sales Director Tim Lexford explained. 

With ongoing supply chain shortages, the CES Renewables Division has been pivotal to SolarTyme’s operation. 

“We provide all of the products on the solar side, on the D/C side, which are panels, inverters, racking, and much more,” CES Regional Sales Manager Tony Hancock added. “But we also try to help assist our customers with the A/C side of the install by utilizing the experts in our traditional electrical branches. We provide all the disconnects, boxes, and wires — all the things that they need to complete the job, we provide.”

In its 10 years of service, SolarTyme has installed thousands of solar panels throughout the United States.

“The number of jobs that we’ve done together is about 150 over the last year or so,” Hancock said. 

The partnership between SolarTyme and City Electric Supply began through a mutual connection.

“We were recommended by one of our panel manufacturers,” explained Hancock.

And their relationship has only strengthened over the years.

“My personal experience with City Electric Supply has been outstanding. The reports we get from our homeowners and the compliments for the installs in a timely manner have been welcomed and very rewarding as a team,” said Lexford. 

And for CES, the feeling is mutual.

“We always love doing projects with SolarTyme. We just want to make sure we get them the right product on time and in the right quantities,” Hancock added. 

From what CES and SolarTyme have already accomplished, there are sure to be more great things to come.

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