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City Electric Supply (CES) employees and local contractors in Cincinnati, Ohio, excitedly returned to in-person training for residential home backup generator installation. Generac installation experts led this fifteen-person class that included both newcomers and veterans.

Generac Makes Home Backup Generator Installation Accessible to Everyone

Shawn Howard, CES District Manager, Cincinnati Group, spoke on how valuable this backup generator training is.

“This is the perfect class for anybody that wants to get into installing home standby generators. It’s a two-to-three-hour class with everything you need to know as a beginner to get comfortable with quoting and installing. It’s a perfect starting point,” said Howard.

But Howard continued that these classes aren’t just for new contractors. Several CES branch employees in counter sales appreciated the refresher course to help better answer customers’ installation questions.

Colin Wagner, Generac Power Systems Regional Development Manager of Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee, led the training class. He explained that the course covers everything about installation, such as sizing the generator and the electrical and fuel line setups.

“My goal, and Generac’s goal, is to give people the confidence to jump into the business or reassure them with refresher training. It’s the perfect first step to get into the installation business. The market has grown like crazy over the last 16 months, and we’re glad to have more installers trained and out in the field,” said Wagner.

Howard followed, “I think a lot of people think installing generators is hard. After this class, I hope they realize that it’s not as intimidating as it looks.”

City Electric Supply and Generac Continue Great Partnership and Customer Service

Like many companies, Generac switched to virtual training for the last 18 months due to the pandemic. Though Wagner feels his team did well working through the challenge, he is glad to be back to hands-on training.

“I thoroughly enjoy my job, providing training to help contractors become installers. And that’s definitely a lot easier when face to face. To have the one-on-one conversations with contractors is the best part,” said Wagner.

“Agreed — it’s great to be back in person,” Howard said.

Wagner continued, “We have a great partnership with CES throughout the U.S. We do at least one training per year per group. It’s been a great relationship throughout the years.”

If you’re interested in adding home backup generator installation to your services, there’s no better time. Contact CES today for upcoming training opportunities in your area.

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