CES Charlotte West: Supplying a Growing City

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A new electrical supplier in Charlotte, North Carolina, opened just in time. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Charlotte is North Carolina’s largest city. It’s also one of the top twenty fastest-growing cities in the U.S.

Luckily, Branch Manager Miguel Cruzado Jr. and his team at the City Electric Supply (CES) Charlotte West started servicing customers on January 3. He shared that the branch offers the products the community needs as it grows.

This Electrical Supplier is Stocked and Ready to Go

After eight months, the incredible time and effort put in have paid off. Since CES Charlotte West opened, Cruzado Jr. said customers expressed lots of excitement for the new store. Some even jokingly asked what took so long.

Meeting the demand is such a challenge that some vendors aren’t opening new accounts, according to Cruzado Jr. But, CES Charlotte West “dug deep” to fill the branch’s shelves and secured some highly sought-after products, including residential electrical panels.

“As tough as it is to get material with all the demand and shortages, we have been truly blessed. We have a warehouse stocked up,” said Cruzado Jr.

Looking ahead, this electrical supplier in Charlotte can’t wait for the new Riverbend District in development. “That’s the next big thing coming up over the next five to ten years. There’s going to be lake homes, parks, walking trails, apartments, business, restaurants — I mean, it’s huge. And we’re going to be ready,” said Cruzado Jr.

Everything Falls into Place with Hard Work and a Great Attitude

After builders completed the new CES Charlotte West, Cruzado Jr.’s son, Operations Manager Miguel Cruzado III, helped get the supplies needed to finish the building out.

“My son stepped up and made it happen. I can’t take credit for how great our warehouse looks,” said Cruzado Jr.

Next, District Manager Gary Tubbs helped secure a delivery van despite a shortage of available vehicles, as well as a forklift. Lastly, Cruzado Jr. had to build a remarkable team quickly, but he found just who he needed.

“My operations manager is my son Miguel, who has over five years of experience and worked at one of the busiest CES locations in the nation. Sales Rep Jason Rick came from a different industry, but he’s a natural. Trenton Skipper works counter sales with a great HVAC background. Our new van driver, Dewayne Stowe, is a Charlotte native who knows the area well,” said Cruzado Jr.

Then he followed with, “What excites me the most is how we are starting from scratch, how we will turn nothing into something. My goal is to teach these guys so they can grow and never feel like they’re stuck where they’re at. We’re on a mission to be a powerhouse, a heavy hitter, one of the top branches.”

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