CES Sanford Receives Letter of Appreciation from NC Congressman

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City Electric Supply (CES) Sanford in North Carolina received well-earned recognition for its 25th-anniversary milestone! Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC) praised the branch’s important role in the community in a commemorative letter, plus writing, “your business has become a key component of the Sanford economy.”

Branch Manager Jeremy Shindledecker said, “It was surprising and exciting not only that he somehow knew about our 25 years but also that he’d take the time to send a letter congratulating us. It was refreshing to be recognized by an elected official at his level.”

District Manager Joey Barefoot followed, “As a small-town branch among many larger markets, being recognized goes a lot further.”

How CES Sanford Makes a Difference in Its Community

Barefoot called CES Sanford “a highlight reel of success” as a key contributor to the town for many years. He continued that although CES has significantly grown its presence in the area, each branch still provides that small-town feel through its customer service.

“We’ve always kept that close-knit relationship with our contractors and every other customer that walks in the door, which contributes to our success,” said Barefoot. “Over the years, those who have worked at this branch dug their roots really deep into the community.”

“We’re blessed to have a wonderful customer base who are a pleasure to work with,” said Shindledecker. “And we’re privileged to be able to help them whenever and wherever for their electrical needs and more.”

Shindledecker shared examples where CES Sanford and other nearby branches gave back, which included sponsoring cookouts and golf tournaments as fundraisers for local causes. Additionally, the Sanford branch’s operations manager, Rob Hall, has been a volunteer fighter for the past 10 years.

“This recognition is another example of how CES plays an integral part in our communities,” Barefoot. “No good company goes unnoticed.”

“We just do what we do; we are who we are—the accolades are just icing on the cake. Thank you to the community and everyone who supported us for 25 years and hopefully another 25-plus,” said Shindledecker.

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