CES Moncks Corner: New Electrical Supplier Serves Fast-Growing Community

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A new electrical supplier opened on December 1, 2021, in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, to the delight of residents. This small town borders the beautiful Francis Marion National Forest and world-famous fishing locale Santee Cooper. With its mix of beauty and southern hospitality, Moncks Corner has surged to over 13,000 people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

District Manager Michael Dryden and Branch Manager Brandon Dryden spoke about how their City Electric Supply team quickly adapted to supply the existing community and newest residents.

Warehouse to Branch: The Transformation of Electrical Supplier in Moncks Corner

When the Drydens investigated how to get up and running quickly, they soon realized they already had the solution.

“The Moncks Corner branch was previously a bulk store we had supplying builder packages. We looked into the population growth in the town and saw there’s no other electrical supply house in the area. Since we already owned the building, it was an easy decision,” Michael Dryden said.

However, the location needed some elbow grease to become more presentable. “We had to redo the floors, the racking, and the slat wall and had to have the lights rewired. Brandon, myself, and one other did most of it ourselves. It took quite a bit of work,” said Michael Dryden.

Impressively, they made time between their other duties to build out the new counter in under two months. The new electrical supplier in Moncks Corner is now less than a mile away from some of its very excited and appreciative customers.

“I’m glad to save people that 45-minute drive to the next closest CES branch. I want to meet them, help with their needs, and just support the community as a whole,” said Brandon Dryden. CES Moncks Corner looks forward to having its grand opening event by February 2022.

This Electrical Supplier has the Experience and Drive

Brandon Dryden gained quite a bit of electrical experience through construction work and four years in the Navy. Additionally, he worked three and a half years at CES Hilton Head before taking on CES Moncks Corner.

“I’m looking forward to making this branch my own. I have Lisa O’Neal, my outside sales representative, who does builder packages. Jesse King, in counter sales, recently joined us but has lots of maintenance experience to help customers work through problems,” said Brandon Dryden.

“We’re currently supplying a mix of industrial, residential, and even a small selection of plumbing. We do a lot of residential builder packages, like progress lighting and more of the decorative stuff,” said Michael Dryden. He also mentioned serving a major telecom company, school maintenance department, and local electrical cooperative plants.

Meet a Family of Electrical Suppliers

Brandon Dryden shared that he enjoys having the support of both a district manager and a father.

“He teaches me a lot even at home, showing me stuff on IMS or anything about building jobs. If there are any questions, I have an easy line of communication. Not everyone has somebody who’s been in the business 35 years that they can call to ask a question,” said Brandon Dryden.

Michael Dryden thinks there’s something special about a company where family members want to get involved and then do well.

“At CES North Charleston, there is Branch Manager Scott Lawson, son of Vice Present of Operations Jim Lawson. At CES Walterboro, Branch Manager Nick Crosby and his wife work together. All around you, you see families, and that says something to me,” said Michael Dryden.

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