CES Miramar – Electrical Supplier Welcomed by Award-Winning Community

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A new electrical supplier in Miramar, Florida, has arrived to support a growing region of the Miami metropolitan area. City Electric Supply Miramar makes its home in the dynamic city that won an All-America City Award and a Smart City Award in 2021. Branch Manager Luis Matias shared his experience opening a new location in the center of Miramar.

“It’s growing fast. However, the community really needed an electrical supply store nearby. Our branch arrived at the perfect time, and we’re glad to be right there along with them,” Matias said.

Electrical Supplier to Be Community’s One-Stop Shop

Since opening on November 15 of this year, CES Miramar received an immediate warm welcome from the City of Miramar itself. Residents to contractors soon visited and shared their appreciation as they placed their first orders.

“We’re getting a lot of customers who are doing renovations around the house. They’re happy and excited to have a new electrical supply store so close to home,” Matias said.

District Manager Mark Farnan is excited to bring CES back to Miramar, as the previous Miramar branch relocated to Cooper City ten years ago. He also loves that this new location is right in the heart of Miramar.

“We were so glad to find a newer, more spacious building that allows us to better service Miramar. We’re pleasantly surprised how fast we’ve picked up right where we left off. People remember us, and it feels like we haven’t missed a beat,” Farnan said.

CES Miramar Dedicated to Meeting the Demand

Matias has the enthusiasm and experience to take the reigns as branch manager. He started with CES in 2001, working first as a driver, then in the warehouse, at the counter, and as operations manager. About three years ago, he asked to operate a branch and has worked hard to get the Miramar branch up and running.

“Since I relocated to Florida in 2001, CES has been a blessing. I’ve learned a little bit of everything, and it’s been wonderful learning all the different parts of the business. My operations manager, Miguel, and I are both very excited and motivated to make CES Miramar a success,” Matias said.

Looking ahead, the electrical supplier in Miramar has a project lined up with a significant data communications company. The branch also sees opportunities in a new mall on the way and new housing for senior citizens.

Matias said the branch makes customer service its number one priority, ready to supply anything and everything electrical-related. “We have a good mix of products available for all of our customers. And if we don’t have it, we’ll get it.”

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