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CES Lebanon: New Branch Ready to Make Some Noise in Nashville Suburb

  • May 5, 2020
  • Written By: Brad McElroy
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[Lebanon, Tennessee] — What does an award-winning county fair, a private university, an easy commute into Nashville by highway or railway, and the new location of a City Electric Supply branch all have in common? We’ll go ahead and give you the answer: it’s Lebanon, one of Nashville’s fastest-growing suburbs in Middle Tennessee and home to major employers like Amazon and Bridgestone.

That’s where Branch Manager Tim Tyler comes in. He might be new to City Electric Supply and Lebanon, but he’s no stranger to Middle Tennessee, which is where he’s lived his entire life.

“I’ve worked in Tennessee with Graybar for over 22 years as an outside sales rep, so I understand Lebanon and the businesses in this area,” said Tyler. “Most people are surprised by Lebanon and what’s close to it, but it’s home to a lot of industrial and residential business. It just keeps growing.”

Tyler is right. Lebanon has seen a staggering 3.4% growth rate in its population since 2017, attracting a lot of business and people thanks to being located in a county that contains an Amazon Fulfillment Center, Bridgestone Americas Tires, and Cracker Barrel’s headquarters. It’s also just a straight 23-mile shot to downtown Nashville, and it’s home to the 1,139-acre Cedars of Lebanon State Park.

Along with these large businesses and Lebanon’s beautiful scenery, new development is attracting more people, and it’s hard for the growing city to keep up.

“For the residential side, there’s a lot of affordable homes still, so Lebanon has been seen as a hot spot around here in Tennessee. With the affordable home prices, the good schools, and its proximity to Nashville, we’re thinking our new branch is opening up in the perfect area.”

Fortunately, Branch Manager Tyler is not the only one in Lebanon trying to capitalize on this exceptional growth. He is proud of the team that’s been put together, and they’ve built a solid foundation over the past 10 months remodeling the new branch.

“Patrick Mitchell is my Operations Manager and he came from Nashville North. He brings a lot of residential experience, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that he has a lot of relationships with contractors in Nashville. Then there’s Justin Scofield, my Outside Sales Rep. He worked at MCG for a few years, so he brings a lot of industrial experience with him, which is huge for us,” Tyler said.

Tyler brings a lot of the experience himself, having worked heavily on the commercial side with Graybar. When asked what brought him over to City Electric Supply after having spent over 20 years with a competitor, he said it was the support of a large company and the feel of a small business that attracted him most.

“When I first heard about this position from District Manager Steve Baker, it sounded almost too good to be true,” he said. “I’ve known him for a long time, crossed paths multiple times since we’re in the same industry. I almost didn’t believe him, but I have to say that everything he said about City Electric Supply has been true. My management team has been nothing but the best. Getting to know them and working for a company that wants to grow, a company that doesn’t hold you back, it’s all been a great experience for me.”

And it certainly has been an experience. Tyler joined City Electric Supply about a year ago, but since day one, he’s been working hard with his team to find and remodel their new branch.

“Like I mentioned before, Lebanon is quite the hot spot. We found this location situated right across the street from an active strip mall, a bank, and apartments. The variety of customers that shop, do business, and live around here should really help us get a solid base of customers for any project.”

One of the things that Tyler has enjoyed most about this process has been the countless opportunities to work with his team before opening the actual branch.

“Over this last year, we’ve had a lot of time to get to know one another. We’re all friendly, personable, easy to get along with — I couldn’t ask for a better team to work with. Having this shared experience of building this branch together from the ground up, not many distributors can say they’ve done that. It’s only going to make us a better team and help us appreciate our success that much more.”

Tyler and his team aren’t shy about their plans to make an impact in Lebanon.

“We strive to build something great here. With the three of us having a background in every aspect of this industry — residential, industrial, and commercial — we don’t think there’s anything that can hold us back.”


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