CES Gulfport: New Electrical Supplier

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The branch manager of the newest electrical supplier in Gulfport, Mississippi, David Nugent, has 30 years of experience in the industry and is ready to serve his community at City Electric Supply (CES) Gulfport.

Newest Electrical Supplier in Gulfport

“I have lived in Gulfport for over four years now and truly love it,” said Nugent. “The people and the culture are just wonderful.”

A fan of Mississippi’s 26 miles of white sand beaches, Nugent is happy with the branch’s location. He’s also excited about all of the opportunities it will provide.

“Biloxi is down the street and boasts several large casinos. New Orleans and Mobile are both just an hour away. We’re in the middle of a lot of business opportunities — industrial, commercial, and residential,” said Nugent.

The branch is also located right off the interstate, which is convenient for nearby residential and commercial contractors.

“The location couldn’t be better,” said Nugent. “We’re right on a busy road, so we get a lot of visibility and foot traffic.”

Getting Ready for Gulfport

Although the spot was easy to choose, it took some work to get their building ready to open by July 26.

“We got the keys on the first of March and opened in July,” said Nugent. “We painted the counter area, installed new lighting, built shelves, created an extremely nice counter, and did some demo work on the warehouse.”

From repaving the parking lot to building convenient racks in the warehouse so customers can pick up wire quickly, Nugent and his branch team worked hard to create the perfect customer experience. And it’s paid off.

“We’ve been open three weeks, and it’s gone even better than expected,” said Nugent. “I think we’re going to do really well here. I like the customers, and the people in Gulfport are awesome.”

To sum it all up, CES Gulfport is a great location, has a great building, and has a great customer base. To put them just over the top, they also have an incredible team.

Ready to Go Above and Beyond

“Laura Cope is our operations manager, and she is just the best in the business. She excels at management, sales, and purchasing. Reese Jordan is our outside sales rep who has spent his career in the business and knows a lot about the industry,” said Nugent. “Norman Monroe is our counter sales rep and an electrician by trade, which gives him the advantage of knowing about the other side of the counter.”

The CES Gulfport team is ready to go above and beyond for any customer who walks through the door.

“Our team has so much talent. They can offer our customers the knowledge and service that is so helpful in our business and area,” said Nugent. “I believe that our customers are going to value the team and the culture that is CES.”

We believe so, too. We are already so proud of the newest electrical supplier in Gulfport and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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