CES Downtown Augusta: Electrical Supplier in Exciting Area

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Georgia’s Downtown Augusta is an exciting area full of history and things to do — from museums and restaurants to trails and river walks. And there’s a new electrical supplier in Downtown Augusta ready to support the thriving metropolis — City Electric Supply (CES) Downtown Augusta.

The branch officially opened its doors on August 26, and according to Branch Manager Gary Breland and District Manager Bruce Marvin, it’s been a long time coming.

Newest Electrical Supplier in Downtown Augusta

“We looked at locations for about three months before finding our building,” said Breland. “It was worth the wait. The location is perfect — only five minutes away from Interstate 520 and less than 10 minutes away from major industrial parks.”

 And while the location is perfect, the building itself underwent some renovations.

“I designed offices and a showroom to help us operate smoothly and hold as much inventory as possible,” Breland explained.

And the work paid off, as Marvin will tell you.

“The building took quite a bit of work, but I’m so proud of how everything turned out. The branch has one of the largest and most beautiful showrooms in the area,” said Marvin. “I’m incredibly excited for Gary. This is a dream of his, so he takes it personally.”

Meeting the Community’s Needs

Breland has over 30 years of experience in the electrical industry. In that time, he has coordinated materials for projects small and large — some over several million square feet. Additionally, he’s lived in the area for about 15 years now.

He knows the industry. He knows the field. And he knows how to make his branch as convenient as possible for contractors in the area. After planning the branch, he made sure to meet with vendors to fill his shelves with the best inventory possible.

“We want customers to know that CES Downtown Augusta can stock whatever they need,” said Marvin. “If they think of something they want us to carry, we can have it on our shelves at any time.”

And that’s just one of the advantages of the newest electrical supplier in Downtown Augusta. They also have an incredibly helpful team.

Excited Team of Super Employees

“Gary put together a team of super employees — nice people who are down to earth and eager to work,” said Marvin. “Gary and his team know what they’re doing, and they’re extremely detail-oriented. Customers can rest assured they’re in good hands.”

“Our outside sales rep, BJ Thompson, has ten years in the industry and a great work ethic. Chris Daniels, our warehouse manager, is a hard worker and is always tackling new projects. Our counter sales rep, Matthew Caldwell, is extremely personable and works hard on anything you hand him,” said Breland.

And with five years of experience at CES, their operations manager, Ashlea Gulasa, is an expert in customer service and the industry. Together, the team is excited to serve the community in downtown Augusta.

“I could not ask for a better team,” said Breland. “CES has a close family feel that a lot of places seem to have lost over the years. I think customers realize this and appreciate it. I have watched this team develop and grow over the past few months, and I have not seen a group get along as well as they do.”

And having a team that’s ready to go is essential considering the level of business that is sure to hit the branch.

Exciting Future for CES Downtown Augusta

“The downtown area is going through a revitalization period, and we might be the first supply house there,” said Marvin.

“Being in this location is the perfect opportunity,” added Breland. “BJ called on customers before we opened to tell them we were opening, and a lot said they already knew our opening date. Word’s out on the street.”

They are ready to serve any market, from residential to industrial, but they are especially excited to service the commercial and industrial projects in the area.

“There’s a lot of business in the area,” said Breland. “There’s a new cybersecurity building that’s looking to expand, a university hospital that expands every year, and new infrastructure going up everywhere.”

And as they look forward to that new business, people in the area can look forward to something, too — a grand opening.

“We wanted to get our feet on the ground first, but in a few months, we’re going to host an official grand opening event,” said Breland.

We couldn’t be more excited about the grand opening and the future of the branch in general. The location is busy, the branch team is motivated, and the future looks bright for this new electrical supplier in Downtown Augusta!

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