CES Employee Values


  • Hold high performance expectations for success and results.
  • Strive to build the team rather than yourself and inspire those around you.
  • Embrace progressive changes with a winning attitude.
  • Take pride in your work and always do your very best.
  • Be confident in yourself and your decisions.
  • Believe you can make an impact on your business and your team.
  • Invest your time and talents into benefitting the team.


  • Respect the trust and personal autonomy you’re awarded.
  • Exercise good judgment in your decision making.
  • Actively feed your entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Confidently embrace your individuality.
  • Do not fear innovation.
  • Create joy.
  • Show excitement and readiness to take ownership of projects and opportunities.


  • Be tenacious and adaptable.
  • Purposefully aspire to be and do more every day.
  • Practice and appreciate loyalty.
  • Show common sense.
  • Embrace your limitless potential.
  • Remain grounded through aggressive challenge.
  • Be nimble and responsive in addressing problems.


  • Create a community of customer-first attitudes.
  • Practice consistent courtesy.
  • Be responsive and flexible.
  • Be proactive in projects and planning.
  • Continue to personally evolve and strengthen customer experiences and team culture.
  • Be practical.


  • Demonstrate morals and values that align with those of the CES brand.
  • Have the courage to question actions inconsistent with our values.
  • Be honest.
  • Treat others with respect.
  • Practice humility.
  • Show resilience.
  • Express compassion and empathy for others.
  • Actively practice selflessness daily.