10 Tools Every Electrician Needs to Get the Job Done

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Working with electricity can be dangerous. Having the right tools can help you get the job done right and keep you safe in the process. The following is a list of tools we put together that every electrician should have in their toolbox or tool chest.

1. Multimeter

Of the most iconic tools of the trade, a multimeter or multitester is an electricity measuring instrument that combines several measurement functions (current, voltage, and resistance) into one device. Multimeters cost anywhere from $10 to $5,000 and are available in analog and digital interfaces. Newer multimeters even tout sophisticated features like Bluetooth connectivity and thermal imaging cameras.

2. Voltage Tester

Failure to test a line before working on it can be deadly. Voltage testers are a nifty safety device that do so without making physical contact. While some multimeters include this function, a dedicated non-contact voltage tester is often smaller and more convenient.

3. Circuit Finder

Ideally, service panels are accompanied by an accurate and legible circuit director, but this is not always the case. Circuit finders allow you to establish a circuit directory simply by plugging the transmitter into an outlet. No electrician should be caught without one.

4. Side Cutting Pliers

Grip, twist, pull, bend, cut — side cutting pliers, also known as Lineman’s, are a versatile tool and a critical part of any electrician’s toolkit. Some versions also include additional capabilities such as wire stripping and screw shearing. It’s always best to find insulated handles further decreasing risk of electric shock.

 5. Long Nose Pliers

A must-have for small spaces and delicate wiring jobs, long nose pliers get into places fingers and other pliers just can’t. Like Lineman’s, some variations can also cut wires.


6. Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Need to cut wires? Diagonal Cutting Pliers, sometimes known as dikes, should be your go-to tool. We recommend a pair with slightly longer handles to increase leverage for wires with more heft.

7. Wire Strippers

A simple tool with a straight-forward function, wire strippers are used to expose bare wires. Some people choose to use a knife instead of the stripping function on a set of pliers, but wire strippers are the dedicated tool for the job.


8. Drivers

From flathead to wrench assist and multi-bit, there is a screwdriver and nut driver to assist with just about any electrical job. The long shaft makes hard-to-reach places a little less hard to reach.


9. Knife

A good knife is a must-have tool every electrician should have in his/her toolbox. For electricians, knives can be used to strip a wire in a pinch or just make the trade life easier. Many knives are specific to the industry and feature additional benefits like being insulated.

  • Lenox Industries 10771 Locking Blade Utility Knife
  • Milwaukee 48-22-1901 Fastback Flip Open Utility Knife

10. Fish Tape

Fish tape is used to push and pull wire through a conduit using a leader, and can be retracted and deployed as needed. Fish sticks are a similar tool that serve the same purpose.

Having the right tools will help you get the job done right and keep you safe in the process. Be sure to visit our website for more featured products.

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