Episode 55 | Supporting Industry Growth & Local Markets

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According to Research and Markets, the construction industry in the U.S. is expected to grow by 6.1 percent. As this trend continues, City Electric Supply (CES) has helped support this growth by expanding its reach across the U.S. Now, with over 550 branches, CES has opened new locations in Texas, Georgia, California, Indiana, and Colorado within the last year and a half.

“We built this location from the ground up. I’m looking forward to growing the business and supporting the local community,” said Branch Manager Keith Kellum of CES Temple in Texas.

CES has built and renovated facilities throughout the country, establishing new branches in strategically selected markets. 

“I haven’t seen this many people at an opening like this,” added Branch Manager Shannon Fair of CES Rockport, another new location in Texas. “We’ve come into this area to serve a need, and everyone has just welcomed us with open arms.”

Providing Essential Services

Where there is a need, there is a place to serve. CES strives to assist areas where its services are needed most.

“The branch is a gateway to Southern Indiana because we provide material for communities in Bloomington, Spencer, and even Greencastle,” explained CES Martinsville Branch Manager Tim Burnam. 

“We’re open six days a week. We give contractors a great place to get material here in San Bernardino,” said District Manager Brian Andringa. “No matter if you’re working on a major project for a hospital or just wanting to buy products, we’re here to serve the community.”

CES is thrilled to continue supporting construction projects across the country. The branch teams are always ready to go above and beyond for any customer that walks through their doors.

“We’re a small company. I only have two electricians that work for me, and CES has been working with me since day one,” said Cory Dean, owner of Dean’s Electric. “Branch Manager Mike Chanez and the crew at CES San Bernardino make sure to get the products for projects I work on, even with the current supply chain challenges.”

Close to Home

Many branches are located near new residential developments. 

“We’re in close proximity to several major apartment complexes, hotels, and other residential dwellings,” added Operations Manager Miles Erickson of CES Savannah Midtown.

And helping customers have easier access doesn’t hurt either.

“This branch is located near two major highways on the south side of town, giving us an edge in the market,” explained CES Loveland Branch Manager Winston Bollig.  

At City Electric Supply, our teams will go the extra mile for every customer, no matter their need. 

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